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Happy Halloween!

Seven PM and the boys are ready to hit the pavement. Note the pookster’s bag…he’s determined to rake it in!

Simon’s Cat strikes again!

More Birthday LooT

And some horsie scale pics. So…the album’s a little strange.

I just found out the horse is a rather rare Breyer model. Who knew? But of all the Breyers I have—not that many—he’s the one not going anywhere.


Got some more work done on the kids!

I couldn’t really get my lighting right and was having some focus problems…tired…but overall I think they’re coming along nicely.

Birthday looT

I shall be adding to this, but I had to introduce you to the newest member of the nut house:

Meet Capt d’Bohnne!

The Great Pookba


OK, everyone. I’m trying, OK? 😀 Doll patterns that I have so far are scattered around. I’m NOT organized, in case anyone’s failed to grasp that basic reality. Here are the two galleries that contain stuff.

Please keep in mind. These aren’t complete. There are no instructions. They’re basically guidelines for people who know what […]

Vanye's faceup begins!

Carolyn finished Deimos this weekend and we put his eyes in tonight. He is TOTALLY ADORABLE!

I spent most of today learning to airbrush on Tink and Phobos, but got a good start on Vanye. I didn’t have his wig along and got his eyebrows kind of red, but I can fix that with […]

Everybody gets sweaters this year!

New PR challenge is up

Dia de Muertos! Morgaine HAS to do it. Ideas, anyone? I know I want to do sugar skulls…

I’m debating making her a new faceplate out of sculpy and doing one of the fancy paint jobs on it. Oooo…..

Never Give this Resin Kid...

Time in front of the camera with something to say.

Turns out “kidspeak” is verboten in thread-posts—along with web-speak and other non-standard English. Makes sense. Lots of folks for whom English is a second language, and I know Wiishu-speak is very challenging (not to mention a very bad example!) to them. (Not to mention what […]