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Now I Ask You…

Would anyone in their right mind sit and stare at these for over two weeks, let alone wait three more to open them?!?


Mystery solved!

Just put the pics in the same gallery, so go back to yesterday’s post for the rest of the story.

New Wiishu Adventure!

Actually…it’s from a while ago. Forgot I’d never posted it! 😀

In the “duh” department…

Remember our connectivity problems? Got on the line with Comcast (finally—my procrastination, not their fault) and the guy immediately said: you’re breaking up. Interference on the line. I can send someone out, or you can take apart every connection and blow on it and reconnect and see if it improves. If it does, great, there’s […]

Time for a new post! Wii-Pollo has a finished piece!

Between writing, weeding and Apollo, I’m not getting much else done! But the Theme Madness thread on DoA is doing lingerie, so Wiishu had to add his two cents

Homecoming Games has reached one of those annoying scenes where a secondary character needs an excuse to be where they are without the excuse becoming […]

Ferryman Pook

Elfmoon, who runs Project Runway over on DoA was lamenting no one had chosen Charon, the Greek ferryman. Pooki leaped into the breach and demanded a moment of glory. The pic isn’t the best…my camera really had a hard time focusing, but the pic turned out cute. Sometimes 15 minutes is long enough! Well…maybe it […]

Router and computer questions

First off, we need a new router. We’ve always used Linksys, but this last one has never performed up to hype. Our Tivo hasn’t gotten a 5GHz since the first few months. (I forgot its little reception light was supposed to be blue not green. It was blue early on, but when I got to […]

Who Knows What When

One of the real tricks of writing is controlling who finds out key ingredients to the plot and when. I’m struggling with a conversation right now that makes sense…if it takes place in JP’s office. If it takes place aboard Cetacean, a whole lotta people are going to know a whole lot more than I […]



You can run, but you cannot hide! Bwahahaha!