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HomeComing Games Moves: Whining Over!

Yippeee! I’d still love feedback, but I never meant to make people to feel guilty. An odd side effect of either what I write or how I write is a real lack of feedback. My brain tells me, from the little I do get, that everything’s OK, but the gut remains unsure. It’s one reason I’m always a bit surprised and very grateful to those who do say something. That reaction is real, my friends. Never doubt it.

But…the momentary crisis of confidence is over! So…Let’s have some fun.

I’ve begun putting together the Miike slideshow. It’s a little slow and low-key.  The boys are getting to know on another. There’s a little sequence that goes before this, but I haven’t taken the pix yet. I believe I’ve mentioned I write my books inside out?


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  • I’m glad you’re feeling better about it. As dhawktx said, it’s the artist in you. Author = artist who uses words as the medium.

    Shorts would be welcome, or an anthology, if you like. But I get that your natural preference may be novels and series.

    I’d also put in a good word for Seeking North. I really enjoyed it and would love to see it continue.


    About Miike — I thought I’d saved that initial close up of him. Jane, could you point to the blog post, please? I did some looking and didn’t locate it. If Miike’s mama has a blog, a link would be welcome too. I dunno, Miike struck a chord. 🙂 (Funny, ’cause I’m not really the wild punk rocker type, and yet, there’s an appeal there.) …And thanks to you and his mama for sharing. 🙂

  • Wiishu is so confident in his own environment – love it! Love Miike’s ‘tude’, too!

    • Tank you, momma-D! I’m getting much more smarterer!

      I’m hoping Autumn approves of my representation of her little guy! Getting him out of his leather and into appropriate garden-crawling gear was interesting. 😉

      • I definitely want to visit and bring the Shiwoo gang! (And Ki, because he would he POed if I didn’t!)

        Now that I have more LTF boys I can switch out someone and bring my Elf Shiwoo (who is characterless at the moment), too. AND if FL ever releases the SD-sized Shiwoo again AND releases a PukiPuki Shiwoo, I will have both in my collection.

        Oh, on your comment about writing inside out, it reminds me of how about half of my Gravi fanfic gets built – the punchline first then working upward.

  • witchyg

    I’m very happy your confidence has been boosted 🙂

    I have to admit when you first started posting the Wiishu pictures, I didn’t “get it”, but the more I see and read the story with them, the more I enjoy them. Thanks for introducing an old lady to something new 😀

    • It’s my pleasure. Believe me. I fear he’s run a lot of people off who didn’t stick with him long enough to grok. Hopefully more people will be like you and help me spread the word that I’m not crazy, just found one more creative outlet.

      He’s saved my creative soul this year. Yeah…he was escapism, but he was also massively creatively rewarding. And FUN. I’d gotten so blasted worn down with the whole publishing thing…until we switched over to the Amazon server, I spent a fair portion of every day putting out download fires or trying to figure why it wasn’t working. Or working on books or the site or covers…My brain was going in a million different directions at once, none of them truly creative. Once NW was out, and we were over on Amazon’s server, and some other stuff that had been hanging fire was taken care of, it was like, WOW free neurons. But bookwise I still had to get the new versions finished and covered etc, and HG was massively stuck. I was really floundering…except for little Mr house elf. He’s got friends now…a new one arrived yesterday whom y’all haven’t met yet, but all the others are just gravy. He’s my little muse. I love him infinitely more now than when he landed in my lap a year ago, and I wouldn’t have believed it possible.

      • It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since you adopted him. Wiishu is so integrated into your life it’s like he’s always been there. Perhaps he always was – just did not have physical form.

        • I believe the adopting went the other way!

          Re: time: No kidding. Yet I can pull that first meeting-in-the-bar up as if it were yesterday.

          In many ways, he’s the essential Stephen without all the complicating environmental factors. I think (hope) people will enjoy the glimpses of the fearless child inside that we get in HG.

          I think there are certain spirits lurking inside all people…at least writers…who just wait for a chink in the armor to come exploding out. Our job is to control the interface and not go a little crazy. (Controlled MPD :D) To a certain extent, once he was physically here, it was either do something with that creative energy or ‘splode! 😀

  • chondrite

    Okay, regarding BJD…
    D’kaan is having tail trouble. I’d prefer to attach her tail using magnets, or possibly the old plastic Pop Beads, so that it can be maneuvered around to accommodate her clothes, but haven’t found a good tiny rare earth magnet set yet. Anyone have a good source, or other suggestion? Any way I slice it, I will have to hollow out a puka in both her tail and her butt to attach the magnets/snap/other fastener, so small is good.

  • I didn’t quite get it at first, but then I could see how much fun you were having, and how creative you could be with the characters.

    And heck, ahem, yes, I had pretend adventures when I was a kid with my “action figures” and invented stories besides.

    I can see the fascination. Neat stuff. — I can sure see it for artist’s modeling too.

    Hmm, I looked recently at some of the regular action figures out there, but yikes, hyper-masculine, hyper-feminine, apparently most of them now aren’t simply “regular men and women, regular girls and boys.” I was looking to find a cheap alternative to pose for sketching.

    I might eventually have to save up for a BJD, given that. But that would be a ways down the road. We’ll see.

    Meanwhile, it’s fun seeing what Wiishu and Pooki get up to, and visits from Miike and others. Hearing what Onna and Donna and Chondrite have to add, also cool.

    I’d hope people who like SF&F would be open to seeing BJD’s anyway. Most fans I’ve known also like anime, so it seems a natural fit to me. It just takes letting that kid in yourself have some fun again, I think.

  • Onna, I have Donna’s email but don’t think I have yours. (Ppl are welcome to email me.)

    I did some looking at the JunkySpot links last night, gulped at the prices for the larger dolls, was overwhelmed by options, and discovered…I will need to do more looking, save up, and ask questions of y’all, if I decide to take the plunge.

    As best I could tell, the Obitsu and MysticKids BJD offer male BJD, with the sizes geared toward age ranges for the dolls. Realism looked good for both lines. I wasnt sure bout posability.

    From what I could tell, with the Obitsu, I’d need to choose the body, the head, eyes, wig, and then get clothes.

    I didn’t see much of anything about the hands. Are Wiishu’s fingers posable, or are his hands in pre-made poses, which seemst to be what the Obitsu and MysticKids are?

    Even the sizes — I’ll have to do a metric to non-metric conversion to see the sizes, and I don’t have an idea how these compare to say, Ken and G.I. Joe sized figures. I saw bodies in between sizes (42 or 45 cm, or was it 52 or 55), but then didn’t know if those should take heads and hands in the smaller or larger standard sizes, or what about clothes. I wasn’t clear how the cm versus 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 scales match up. I’ll look again at the 27cm sizes and the larger sizes. Still don’t know enough, total n00b.

    I’ll be looking some more this afternoon and evening, to try to clear things up.

    — I figure if I do this, there will be both use for artist’s modeling and to see how a story scene might work. But heck, I’m not above pretending. 🙂 I figure storytelling and theater are just grownup versions of let’s pretend anyway. 🙂 I say that as someone who’s worked with words and images all his adult life. 🙂 — And dang, I like it, I just wish the income was more steady right now.

    • Check out the parabox link in my previous answer. That’s the 27cm, Ken-doll sized obitsu slim male. (Wiishu is 25cm, for reference.) It’s easier to see the options on that parabox page, and if you poke around you’ll find pix of the obitsu posing. You buy the body and head separately. You can buy a head with filled-in eye sockets on which you paint the eyes, or with hollow to fill in with 6mm eyes. If you’re not picky about color, I could send you some of the 6mm eyes I’m not using.

      The wigs can be made out of fur. Again, I could make you one and send it to you. I’d probably make it just a little large and you could whip stitch the single seam to make it fit. I don’t have anything here to fit it on. Unless…it sounds as if the head is about the size of a pukipuki. Is that right, Onna?

      Onna, do you have one of these guys you could take some action shots of?

      Wiishu’s hands are set poses. He has, I think, seven different sets now. His are magnetized for easy switching, but these Obitsu ones look like they do just pop in and out. I have yet to see jointed hands that are worth the price. They’ll look pretty good in the ad photos, but getting the real thing to pose and hold is dicey and you have to adjust camera angle no matter what. Only thing I’d order them for is as a non-attached artist model and even that, I haven’t seen any with palm flexibility.

      Beside, they only some in size huge. 😛

      Hope that helps!

  • Jane and Onna, that advice helps a lot. The 27cm looks affordable. I did some poking around on the Parabox site. They say the Ares head for the 27cm body takes a 4in. wig and 6mm eyes. So I think I could get the options I’d like there. Hmm…the heads are unpainted; I’d need advice on that to try it myself.

    Nearly all the clothing shows as “out of stock” and there’s no link to back-order.

    I’m thinking of doing this, after the kind of month I’ve had.

    LOL, Jane, sewing’s not an option for me, but I’d be happy to commission you or Onna or Donna on that.

    • chondrite

      Most places offer a face-up option, where they do a nice job of finishing the head in a number of realistic paint jobs (blush on cheeks, realistic tint on lips, shading, etc.) Den of Angels provides links to people who can customize your BJD with face-ups, clothes and other options, but they are very restrictive about the type of dolls they permit, and I’m not far enough into the BJD nuances yet to know what is allowed. They are also a by-invitation-only site, which makes it hard for a newbie just trying to break in. I look around there at the eye candy and boggle at some of the customizations, but don’t make it a regular stop.

    • You can get the same, body and head, from Junky-spot and pay a lot less, esp by the time you consider shipping. The Ares head is way down at the bottom of the 27cm heads page. The male bodies at the bottom of the 27cm bodies page.

      Re: DoA: You don’t actually have to own a BJD in order to join. You just can’t post pics of the off-topic dolls unless they’re in the pic with an on-topic. On-topic is ridiculously restrictive, having to do with number of joints, material (resin) and whether or not it’s basically humanoid. But there’s a lot of info on you-tube about faceups for both resin and vinyl/ABS.

      As for clothes…just google “Ken” or “GI Joe” clothing. That works for them.

      I don’t think you need an invitation. You just have to fill out their request for membership form and be accepted. Most of the high volume boards are having to do this now. I know the fish forum, which is the same engine as DoA, requires it as well. They just want to make sure you’re human!

      And if you do something wrong and they take down a post (as I did with Tink’s opening) just ask the mods and they’ll tell you why. Tink’s box opening was fine in the photostory section, but not in the box opening section where I initially posted it because Tink is “off-topic.” He has only a couple of joints and he’s not humanoid.

  • I have been ogling dolls. Er, action figures, um, mannequins, uh…. Yeah!

    Jane, I found something for a 30cm / Barbie doll, and was wondering, what size is Morgaine?

    • All the resin kids’ measurements are on the Wiishu 2012 slideshows page, but she’s 37cm. Vanye is…I think 39 or 40cm. Hmmm…is there that much difference? That can’t be right. (Going to check.) Indeed, there is. No wonder she’s PO’d….The CLines are more the “tonner doll” size. (Don’t know what the corresponding female is.)

  • @Chondrite: Thank you! The phrasebook arrived in today’s mail. It was postmarked from Hawaii on the 28th. Mail within the city or state doesn’t always get here that fast. Amazing sometimes, what we take for granted, mail from out in the Pacific, across to my city, probably by plane the whole way, then routed here from the P.O. hub, I’d think. Thanks again!

  • dhawktx

    Wow! Missed an interesting convo today!

    The Obitsus are great as posing models and are a bit ‘smaller’ (more realisticly proportioned) than standard action figures. They are inexpensive to get into… I think I have a teenage female I can send you – she’s sadly neglected since I got into the resins…

  • dhawktx

    On another dolly related note: Russia is turning out some FINE doll sculptors lately – probably in part due to the difficulty in getting ANYBODY to mail things into the country – they have had a really bad habit of disappearing!

    But some of us couldn’t ignore a little 3D printed kitty that was on offer and I ordered the largest size she offered. It ‘fits’ my CLine female, but I’ve got to mod a base for it to fit on the body:


  • Just got your message about some posing photos, Jane. I will work on it next week after the con.

    I need to go to sleep – con days are long days, even when we don’t stay all day. I crash hard when we get home.

  • dhawktx

    Here’s some comparison shots I found via Google… not exactly the dolls you’re looking at but might help:


  • dhawktx

    Also some quick math. Most ‘Action Figure’ males are around 12″ tall = 30.28 cm

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