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Sale ending soon and new pages

Remember…sale ends tonight. coupon: SpoCon10From the feedback, this is a popular notion. We’ll probably spring something like this every time we have a new book/story up. Just sayin’. Curiously, the hardest thing about sales conceptually for me is knowing that some of our best supporters already paid full price. I am NOT a good merchant mentality!

Lessee…wot else…

Oh…I’ve set up pages to discuss the new ‘NetWalkers books. Yippee! Ask me anything! I won’t give spoilers to books that follow, but I’ll try to answer honestly. I’ll also probably post my thots on the books as time goes along.

I’ve done some file house-cleaning. The initial WildCards had problems with italics in some readers. Had to do with the main font being embedded (I didn’t know Calibre did that, and since it read fine on all my readers, I didn’t think about it. But…I just took out the default font (let the reader choose what they like) and it now works fine. So…if you get an email with links from me, that’s what it’s all about.

I’ve also put the new covers in with the series number at the top. That same link will have those covers. If  you really really need to have the new covers for the other books, let me know. Otherwise, you might wait until we have the first “error upgrade”.

Hmmm…oh…I changed all the “sample” downloads to straight pdf, so they should download directly to about any device…and there’s a single download zip file that has all our samples…and if you’re on FB, I’ve put in a bunch of comments on my album of covers. Gets a little silly at times, but…hey…

And now…back to house work.

9 comments to Sale ending soon and new pages

  • I want to commend you all for posting sample downloads – it really whets the appetite to read the entire book!

  • ready4more

    Jane, Thanks for the upgraded/improved version. It’s great to have such responsive and responsible authors offering such fine service to their readers…. You can’t get that from Amazon! I gotta be brief so I can get back to the read!

  • WOL

    I gotta work today, and tomorrow I have to do something about the jungle in my yard, but Monday …. I’ve got this rolling laptop table with a plug strip screwed to the underside for my Kindle and Squeezebox internet radio, I’ll make a fresh pitcher of tea, and then I’m going to kick back and settle in for a nice long read …..

  • Thanks, ladies! Onna: I feel samples are an absolute requirement. Buying a book off the shelves, you can thumb through it. This is the only equivalent we can offer. I sort of wish there was a way to give random pages from the rest of the book…which is what I do when I buy off the shelf. 😀 See if the end has anything to do with the beginning.

    r4m: I wouldn’t do it for just a few typos…that can wait for our yearly typo-fix in November, but when there’s a potential formatting problem that could truly affect the reading experience, I think we really need to do something about it.

    Heavy Time and Hellburner were our first books and somehow incredible numbers of quote errors snuck past us. I just started reading it and was a bit appalled. I don’t even remember how we put those together, but they’re got to get fixed. I’ve GOT to move on to new stuff, but these two are definitely going to get re-copy-edited.

  • I just got the update for Wildcards and will load the new ebooks to my iPad.

    I’m eager to read the new NW books. Since I’d begun GroundTies and put it down (life was interfering with life) I very much enjoyed it but want to read the series properly now. I had similarly started the first Blood Red Moon book (the novel) and was maybe halfway through when life interrupted.

    Jane, I ~think~ it was on Closed Circle that I saw something about Rimrunners. If not there, then a recent post (past two weeks) at CJ’s blog. I don’t ~think~ I dreamed it up. :-/ But possibly, it’s further along in the pipeline and the note I (thought I) saw was early ambition.

    “Invitations” made me eager to get back to reading the Foreigner books, and I’ve been wanting to reread some Alliance/Union stuff too. — So Heavy Time and Hellburner are going to be in the stack. I think I’m also due to reread the Chanur books.

    Sigh, the EPUB3 book I bought turns out to be a lot of discussion “about,” which, while useful, doesn’t help me as a tutorial/manual on getting an EPUB3 ebook done, as opposed to what I’ve seen for doing EPUB2. But I’ve set that aside too long. I need to knuckle down on it so when I have something else ready, I can try doing an EPUB3 ebook.

  • Hanneke

    Got them all, including the improved Wildcards file – now for time to read them!
    On the quote errors: some widely-used fonts don’t show a difference between opening and closing quotes – all quotes and apostrophes in the fonts we use at work are straight, not tipped off-vertical or curled, so there’s no way to see the difference; and my home computer is configured to work the same way. Maybe, with the distributed proofreading done for those two, more people used that kind of font to proofread in – I know that I’ll have missed all of those, just because I’m not used to seeing a difference and didn’t think to check in another font. Sorry!
    On the books being on sale and you being worried about people having paid full price – maybe they preferred paying the full price, considering you’ve put a lot of work into your books, the books are worth the money, and we’d like you to get the honest income from them that you deserve.
    That’s not to say that you offering them on sale isn’t very kind, and makes sales-sense as well; but considering what we get for it, the full price is very fair!

    • Thank you everyone!

      Hanneke, the quote marks in question are funny things. I think a global for the single quote at the beginning of some of the slang terminology ended up being an open double quote and closed single quote, and something about italic toggle replacement (a real problem for a converted volkswriter file, which these were initially) ended up running a lot of words together. It’s mostly globals, and I think I can fix it in the epub edition, but I’m kicking myself for letting it slip past me.

      Going to get back to HomeComing Games today! Yippeeee!

  • Whew! I’m relieved to report that I’m not, after all, losing it. I did indeed reedit HT and HB before the big general update of last year. WHEW! I was reading from a really old file. Thot it was the one I just loaded on the kindle.

  • Sympathies here on search and replace, quotes, dashes, italics, etc. It is easy to miss something.

    I haven’t seen a font recently that does what Hanneke says with its smart quotes, but yes, there are some out there where it’s hard to tell, especially on-screen, among the various single and double quotes, whether angled or curled. On-screen at smaller sizes, these can be very hard to tell apart. It also depends on screen resolution. My sympathies, Hanneke, that would drive the proofers, editors, and designers up the wall.

    But — I have seen one font where the designer mistakenly switched the glyphs, the character shapes. I’d thought at first the files were corrupted, until I reinstalled. No, it was the font itself. “Biortec” is a great-looking distressed high-tech font-family. But the colon and semi-colon are swapped. Type the colon and you get what looks like a semi-colon and vice versa. I wrote the designer and got a reply that surprised me: disinterest in fixing it. I would’ve thought professional pride would demand that. Shrugs. I still use the font at times, and I hope that at some point, the designer will fix the darn thing.

    I’ve also learned to be careful to look for European characters before purchasing fonts. Designers are now much better about that than they used to be. But still, I’ve learned to be careful. 🙂

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