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They are up!

All my hard work of the last decade is finally seeing the light of day. I hope you like them as much as I do. I’m too tired to do it right now, but in the next day or two I’ll try to put my thoughts together on why I’ve been so obsessed with this series. Bottom line, I’m not a write it and toss it out kind of writer. I invest in my projects. Probably too much for mental health, but right now, it feels like it was worth every torn out hair. I’m setting up pages here for discussing the books; I’d love to get reactions…altho, if you hate them…please wait until I get them up on Amazon and say it there where I can ignore it! 😀 I’m really hoping to hear from both first timers and those who read the originals.

The order:

Re: the order. When WOL said it w/b nice to have the order posted, I thought…but it’s on the cover. No, it wasn’t. ARGH! Once I settled on the card/bracket format, trying to figure how to balance the order number became an issue. I thought I’d resolved it, but looked at the covers and noooo. So…I kinda like what I came up with…tho someone will probably say it’s too obscure. Sheesh…It’s in the descriptions on the ebook page and the ‘NetWalkers page.


20 comments to They are up!

  • Bri

    These are just gorgeous. Can’t wait to get my hands on the books.

    I’m proud of you, Bozo :^)

  • Tanks you! I admit…I love the way the covers came out.

    They s/b up on your cloud. If they’re not, let me know. I can’t remember exactly how I did it before! 😀

    Oh…I gotta go put the new covers into the files…Sigh…

  • Bought mine and looking forward to delving into the universe again, especially since the books are still relatively fresh in my head. 🙂

  • Hanneke

    Wah! My internet access at work (in my lunchbreak) blocks URLs of ‘Lifestyle’ and considers Closed-circle to be part of that category. I have to wait ’till I can get my laptop at home online before buying them.
    I’m house- and pet-sitting for several neighbors, so yesterday evening I was too busy and forgot – I don’t normally go on the computer later in the evening, except on the weekend, as it messes up my bedtime. Your new offerings are not being ignored, I’ll get them as soon as I get on my home computer!
    The covers look good, and the way you’ve integrated the series-number fits well and is quite clear.
    I’m very happy you’ve got the whole series written the way you want it. I’m very interested in this new interpretation, and the chance to explore the characters more fully.

  • WOL

    Got them all, will make me a cheat sheet on a postit note. Silly me, I insist on reading them in the order the author intended them to be read. Yeah, I know.

  • WOL

    Netwalkers Omnibus (Partners + Mentors and Mimetrons), Wildcards, Nexus and Cold Fusion — Yes!

  • WOL

    Then,is Homecoming Games book 5? or book 0? I want to get all this straight so I can do a shameless plug on my blog.

  • witchyg

    Rereading Wesley’s book before diving into the “new” ones. Catching things I missed first time around because I was reading too fast. Trying not to do that this time but dang it’s hard and I sooooooo want to see how the story has evolved now.

    • I’m soooo glad to hear this! One of the things about all my favorite books is the re-readability. I always hope mine will have that quality!

      Let me know what you think!

      • witchyg

        Dang R/L has been cutting into my reading time! I’m half way through Nexus and am thinking what an ungrateful reader/brat I am that I want to know what all happened with JP after Wesley left the academy in the worst way, lol. What he’s up to with regards to Wesley keeps running in my subconscious as I move through the book. I’m loving all the changes you’ve made to the book. When I get done with all of them, I’m going to give my Nook (but not the Jane signed cover) to my youngest brother to read the series and become a Jane Addict too! 😀

        • Yippee! I’m so glad you’re liking the changes.

          Sorry…you’ll have to wait til HomeComing Games to find out! If I’d added that, LORD, it would have made another entire series! Don’t know if I’ll ever do it as a book, but I might do some short stories….Hmmm…hadn’t thot about that…Wonder if I could do it without giving too much away…Hmmm….

  • witchyg

    Short stories after you finish with HomeComing Games would work…I’m not going to be picky about when. I wish Marani hadn’t gone into teaching so we’d see more of her lol. This is what happens when your readers get sucked totally in by your writing 😉

    • Shorts will either happen or not. I’m not much of a short story person, but they might. The problem about Rani and JP is that they’re, like, mature! Sensible adults, doing their thing while Wesley’s off being silly. It takes Wesley coming back to totally dismantle their lives again! 😀

      I love Rani. She’s a lot like Kiyrstin in her ability to kick butts into something resembling sensibility. Hmmm…why are all my sane characters women….

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