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Fun with Black and White

One of the things I love about my new obsession is it’s driving me to experiment with art/photography in ways I’d never imagined. One of the challenges on DoA is black and white photos. So…I’m looking for photos that will make a strong B/W statement…and processing them in completely new ways. Some of these I’ve posted before. The last few are new.

7 comments to Fun with Black and White

  • I like bnw10, boo and sleepytime because I don’t remember the cute!

    bnw6 made me laugh – Pook running by Aisen – Pook would win that one…

    boo is so CUUUUTE!

    bnw10 is adorable – Wiishu is so darling!

    sleeptime is the big old AWWWWWWWWWW….

    All of them work well in bnw – good choices!

    I’m not very active on DoA so you keep me in-touch.

  • I’m “doing” DoA primarily as my mindless break stuff. Mostly, I just use images from photostories, but every once in a while the threads give me a cool challenge…the BnW, “artistically photoshopped” things like that are helping me push the processing.

    “Boo” is from the current Momma-D package opening. Isn’t is priceless? It’s not the one I’m using in the story because it’s out of focus, but for THIS, it was perfect. 10 is another “failure” from the “soopergloos” story; one of my attempts to push this camera. Again, in color, it doesn’t work. In BnW it became a beautiful play of greys shading left to right. My favorite is sleepytime. I can’t manipulate depth of field on the camera worth spit so I have to fake it. Three layers, top one gaussian-blurred and…I think it was a simple darken, tho it might have been manipulation of highlight/midtone/shadow. Middle one with some sharpening (if I remember) and untouched bottom. Then I selectively erased the top layer at the level of their little faces…and “thinned” the blur layer on his hand. I love the way it turned out. I’ve gotten soooo much use out of those little sleepy-faces! I wondered if it w/b worth it and I’m soooo glad I got them!

  • Ah HA! The latest has been opened! I will be curious what the humans’ reaction will be in the photostory.

  • I like 4, 6, 10, and 13, though not particularly in that order. ‘Tis all good.

  • One of the (frankly priceless) stories I haven’t put together yet is “Bored Pook in the Office”…that I did while doing taxes. That’s where the shot with Aizen comes from. The screensaver SS has a lot of Bleach in it and that just happened. I was delighted.

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