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Vanye is now a Musketeer!

Wonder which gate led them here?

35 comments to Vanye is now a Musketeer!

  • TabbyCat

    Clearly a young gentleman of wealth and culture, from his splendid plumed hat to his boots, with his gem-encrusted tunic, white shirt with frill and costly lace (all hand-made in that era, so very expensive!) at wrists and throat, and a baldric so magnificent that M. Porthos (according to “The Three Musketeers” a very snappy dresser) would die of envy. As for the musket, I don’t actually recall D’artagnan and his associates having that much to do with muskets, although they used them on actual battlefields. Their feats of derring-do were accomplished off-duty, with swords, if I remember correctly. (It’s been a few years!)

    Incidentally, should M. Vanye not have a jewel or two on the hilt of his sword? His patron or patroness ought to consider that. Although he is so well bejeweled that he may not need any more.

    Compliments to his tailor! Absolutely beautiful work!

  • WOL

    You do such very beautiful sewing. I notice that Vanye is taller than Morgaine. Somehow, silly me, I got the idea that it was the other way around, that Morgaine was quite statuesque and slender, and that Vanye was shorter and more substantial. I must say, in my defense, that it’s been quite a while since I’ve read the books. They are on the reread list behind the Harry Potter Books.

    • Heh heh…I have no control. She is what she is, in this form. Vanye is a bit taller, but mostly it’s his boots. She’s waiting…not very patiently. She does not like looking up at him! I’ll probably make her’s with some serious soles. She has high heel feet that will help as well. Ultimately, I’d like them to stand the same height.

      In the books, I always think of them (and draw them) pretty much the same height. She’s tall for a woman, he’s average for a man. While light boned for his people, he’s still more substantial than she is.

  • Thanks! It really was fun. It’s those jealous fellows that insist he should have a musket. πŸ˜‰

    I honestly never read the book. (Dare I admit that?) Certainly all the movies have them buckling their collective swash with swords, hence my decision to make him a Musketeer when he got the sword.

    Ultimately, his sword will be gorgeous. I’m looking forward to embellishing it. I’ve got to get some more shots of him with it. Donna gave it to him at Soonercon. It’s nylon. 3D printed. Amazingly light, so he can actually brandish it! Very cool.

  • Oh-là-là. Vive la France et regarde la différence. Touts pour l’un et l’un pour touts!

    Jane, that is seriously one great looking job of costuming. Tabard, manteau, chemise, pantalons, bottes, épée*, chapeau….

    C’est formidable.

    * I’m sure there’s a distinction between a sword and a foil in French, but I don’t recall the words.

    I need to find a *good* ebook French version of Alexandre Dumas’s works and Les Trois Mousquetiers. (I haven’t had good luck with free English/American scan-and-convert versions, which typically do Very Bad Things with the French accent marks and guillemets (quote marks). — I’ll confess I’ve never read the Three Musketeers in French or English. C’est ma faute.

    This really, really is terrific. You should enter it for a costume contest call.

    LOL, and to think, growing up, I tried to be sure I looked “manly” enough, even when I knew guys in prior centuries, Western civ and elsewhere, looked very different indeed in what was considered “manly” dress back then.

    We will, however, overlook a certain shirt or two. Or a certain hairstyle during my teens. Or that denim leisure suit, as a boy in the 70’s. — Hahahah!

    Hmm, Vanye’s male detractors don’t know whereof they speak. They’re just jealous he could attract such a refined lady. Perhaps they should not boast so much, lest their wagging tongues should force them into a duel. One suspects that would end badly for the detractors. Also, anyone who could rise from rags, sans aucun sou, to such a position must have qualities (and allies) to give one pause, before calling out such a man as that.

    Or as the Norman English said across the Channel, Honi soit qui mal y pense. (Ashamed be who ill thinks of it.)

    • dhawktx

      BCS: He’s available at Project Gutenberg (free!)

      His works that have been digitally recorded:

      Les trois mousquetaires by Alexandre Dumas (French)

      Jane, tell Vanye that Alaios is quite happy to have helped him gather his proper accoutrements!
      I am so JEALOUS of your costuming skillz! Fabulous!

      • Hey @dhawktx and @TabbyCat — I think one French edition of The Three Musketeers that I have is from Amazon, from one of the print publishers, and another is, I think, ultimately from Project Gutenberg repackaged on Amazon Kindle. — I’ll grab the Gutenberg editions for sure. — My gripes were based on trying to read a really bad conversion of Alexis De Tocqueville’s essays on America. He’d cringe if he saw how they looked. This just might get me to read some French lit. (in French) again. Think I’ll break down my resistance and get an English translation too. I was happy when I looked back at my French Lit. college textbooks, though. My comprehension is rusty, but better than I’d expected.

        Not bad for a costuming run, huh? Thanks, Jane, Donna, and TabbyCat. πŸ™‚

    • I did it for the DoA “costume contest” but I think, while they said we could do Renaissance, I think they really wanted Medieval, so I don’t really hold out too much hope. I really did it for him (and CJC, who has a lace fetish. :D)

      Can’t help you with the French at all! πŸ˜€ I’m a total language dunce.

      I WISH men would get license for more scope to their clothing. It’s not just women who are pigeon holed in this society. Grrrr….

      Donna: Thanks! I’m getting a whole lot better with each resin outfit I tackle. I’m getting to do things I’ve always wanted to do for myself, but fitting on yourself it a bitch. Besides…I don’t look like that when I’m done! πŸ˜€

  • TabbyCat

    Amazon has an edition of the Three Musketeers in their free collection. I don’t know how well it reads. It’s some 700 pages long, they say, however that translates on an ereader, so it’s a big commitment,getting into it. There’s no requirement to read rather than watch one of the several movies! But I lived on Alexander Dumas for several teenaged years, so I’m prejudiced. My grandmother had the full set of the historical novels, 25 books, published in 1910, unabridged, straight from the translation, covering the history of France from about 1400 through the French revolution. Plus the Count of Monte Cristo, in two volumes. I still have them. My son read some of them, too.

    • Very cool! I’ve tried several times, but haven’t stuck with it. I’ve always been a painfully slow reader, so my reading is disgustingly limited. It makes it hard to get into books…says the person who writes LOOOOOng lead-ins to her stories! πŸ˜€

  • Spectacular work, especially on this scale. You have been sewing for chunky monkeys and now you’re sewing for a proportionate adult male body(except the head, but I digress).

    Jaw-dropping details AND you made the hat and boots! Too bad you’re so busy with your writing passion or you could make some decent money sewing for this size doll.

    Crockett wanted to know if you printed the silver emblem on the tabbard.

    Good luck on the contest!

    • Thanks, sweetie! It’s actually easier for Vanye because he’s got an actual waist! Wiishu has a whole centimeter between his two body joints and making a real waistband for that size is HARD. His cargo pants were really tough. They both have very cute rumps so making fitted pants is very rewarding, even for little Mr Cute-stuff.

      In this, the leather was…too stiff, and it was soft, aged purse leather. I’m going to check at Tandy to see if they have tag ends of softer, thinner stuff. I also learned ALOT about putting a hat together!

      I don’t think I could charge enough to make it worth the time. I spent the equivalent of five full days on this. Even granted a pattern and less trial and error, it just takes time. And there are so few CLines out there…I just don’t know. (Note…virtually no one on the FL FB page has commented on the pics.) OTOH…once I get the house in order and the basement cleared…which we’re working on…I might just start making some stuff and putting it up on Etsy, but it’s not going to be cheap. The boots and hats, OTOH…Once I get that down and get some forms to build them on…That’s a real possibility.

      The big thing is, if I make LTF or CLine outfits, they’re going to FIT those sizes and not work on, say, Tonner dolls, and that seriously limits the market. I don’t want to get a bunch of different dolls and modify to order, and if I do it to measurements, it’s going to be too big, just to be safe. I build these right on the doll in order to get the fit.

      The emblem is printed on iron-on for black Tshirt. Worked pretty good, eh? πŸ˜€ Wish I could take the tabbard out and stomp it until it softened up, tho. I washed it twice and it’s still STIFF! πŸ˜€ Poor lad raises his arm and his face disappears! I put the baldric under his belt because otherwise it did the same thing. There’s just not enough weight to these things! πŸ˜€

  • Momma-D, Momma-D!

    Da wigses is wunnerfo! Iz long! and Cool!

    new wig 1

  • Honestly, it’s ADORABLE!!!!!! Thank you so much!

    • Another look for Wiishu! I see it tied up in the back so he can be a pirate! Or he can be a long-haired rock star! Or a ‘wild’ forest elf taking on orks!

      • (Arrrr!

        (She lubs you, yeah, yeah, yeah…

        (Take dats! *ping* (That was his bow)

        (I cn bes anyting!)

        I wish I had her fabric store! It’s like Big Lots or Big something. I’ve never seen fur like she uses.

        • Maybe a close-by city may have a warehouse district with good fabrics and furs?

          • Oh, I’ve got good fur for Wiishu’s basic mop that matches the color of his original Beachgirl wig. (I tried first to buy one from her and got in contact with her about my perception of the color and discovered i was right: she’s out of that color, so we got to talking about where she got her fur, that’s how I know where she got it.) I’ve also got plenty of M/V wigs. Pook…anything I can get a swatch of, he wants a wig of! πŸ˜€ He’s much more into wigs than clothes.

  • dhawktx

    Was it from The Fabric Yard Debbie?

  • dhawktx

    Best Fabrics and Golden d’Or are the second best for faux furs here at the moment.

  • WOL

    Do I remember correctly CJ saying that when she was writing the first of the Morgaine books, the Michael York version of 3 Musketeers was big and that Vanye would have been played in the movie by Michael York?

    • Michael York – I like that! I can put a better live ‘face’ on Vanye now since I’m reading it for the first time.

    • Yup…tho I have to admit, I found that out AFTER I’d developed my character sketches so my Vanye doesn’t look much like MY…so Momma-D…don’t get too enamoured of the mental image! πŸ˜€

      • dhawktx

        That’s one of the things I like best about reading – I get to build the world/characters in my head.

      • Well, when the movie comes out, it will an entirely different look for Vanye anyway. I just hope they don’t cast some popular but git actors for the parts. IF they pick a git for Vanye, hopefully it’s someone like the Rock (too dark) or Vin Diezel (really gitty but nice body) over some popular one-note slim pretty boy.

        Maybe Wolverine? That would be a hoot, especially paired up with a pale Storm.

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