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The question that started it all

I bet you’re all thinking this is a post about books. Well…only in that I’m THIS CLOSE to having new books for CC. Let’s plan Saturday, August third for the “coming out” party. Meantime, I’m scrambling to get another PR outfit done, this time for Vanye. I was going to bow out due to lack of time (to put it mildly) but then I got the idea to do him a Musketeer outfit and CJC got all into it and, well, I’m giving myself this weekend. If it doesn’t fit…well…he’ll just have to be d’Artagnan.

No…the comment that started it all came from CJC’s camera, a hidden little gem I’d totally forgotten taking when I finally put the photoshoot together:

izme  izikewt

And not to be overlooked, Pook was terminally kewt the other night. I made him a quick and dirty keffiyeh in order to get an ABC pic with his adorable little camel, and he’s just gone crazy. Love his new look:

cforcamelsm  engarde


25 comments to The question that started it all

  • Oh, the prospect of new books sounds very good! Looking forward to that, and it’s at the time of the month where I think I can squeeze it into my budget without feeling guilty. 😉 (There has to be room for books, always.)

    A musketeers costume? Huzzah, et en garde! Touts pour l’un et l’un pour touts.

    Heh, I like Pooki’s keffiyeh and costume, and his buddy the camel. (Le chameau, Gimel or Gamal or Gamma.) Thouhg now there’s this strange urge to say, “El-Aurens!” Though maybe the Faded Sun would be more appropriate, considering.

  • WOL

    That last pic of Pook doing the sabre dance — TDF!

    Off topic but speaking of looks (and hoping the Morgaine film gets off the ground), have you seen Jaime Murray in her Defiance duds?

    • Oooh! Stahma as Morgaine – AWESOME! Love Jaime Murray’s character because she’s so complex compared to most of the cardboard Defiance characters.

    • I have been very so-so towards Defiance. Some things about it show such promise, yet seem underdeveloped. Others, I’m just not sure. I’m somewhere midway through the season and still need to get caught up.

      I think Jaime Murray is a better actress than her character, Stahma, is providing for. I liked her a lot as the female H.G. Wells in Warehouse 13.

      And just because — I really like Falling Skies. Very good science fiction show. There have only been a couple of times when the writers seemed to pull a deus ex machina rabbit out of their hat, a Writer 101 type thing. Overall, very good show. It’s been renewed for another season, too.

  • You might want to look for the Arabian Puki clothes from the limited dolls a few years ago.

    Pookster looks great and ready for the desert! What’s the camel’s name?

    Ooh! Vanye is getting some attention! Can’t wait to see what you put together!

  • Poor lad. I just do NOT have the time to do this right. He’s going to get faux buttons and snaps rather than real closures. Not even sure I can line his coat. 🙁 I just can’t justify the time. His shirt proved a real bear. It should have been easy, but I’ve tried four different ways to do the lace cuffs! I think I’ve finally settle on something that works, but that alone took hours when the shirt should have been, oh, an hour. Don’t even get me started on the lace collar!

    “The wise leader.” 😀

    Oh, that is cute. Never even considered a winking FP, but y’know…that I could get behind! Hai-ya! If you ever see one on the MP, let me know, OK?

    For those curious, here’s the link http://dollfairyland.com/shop/step1.php?number=125&b_code=B20071101105202&c_code=C20071220075222

    (Pooki looks at the feather…and spits. Can’t conquer the universe with a feather…not even a quill…Hard to win with words when your vocabulary is limited to three almost words and spit. :D)

    • Okay, I mailed the package this morning before work and it should arrive either Wednesday or Thursday.

      Pook gets something that spits, Wiishu has stuff I know he’s wished for, as promised – old Eiri’s original eyes are in there (for Goku) and CJ and Jane have surprises on the bottom. Look between the bubble-wrapped surprises for items you can debate over. I decided I wasn’t going to make the decision.

      If you have questions after, I have the answers. 🙂

      • Both packages arrived safely! (Yours and the wig.) You’re too kind and generous. Wiishu and Pook will have a proper opening tomorrow. (Which reminds me…I never posted their LAST package from you! I’ve been very remiss. Got some cute shots, too. I’m so far behind in my Wiishu stories! But working on Vanye’s Musketeer outfit this even and can’t be distracted by cuteness. 😉

        • Yay! Glad they made it safely!

          You’ve been busy with cons and work so you’ll get to posting when you can.

          Excited about seeing Vanye all duded up and smexy. I’m reading Gate of Ivrel at the moment (I have the trilogy in one book) and I’m still in the storyline you illustrated.

          I have stuff I need to post and it’s years’ old, including box openings! *sigh* My crappy health really cuts into my leisure time. 🙁

          • It’s actually getting funny. The coat’s gone a bit over the top. 😀 But he’s got a great hat. His boots…I’m hoping the glue dries clear. 🙁 I’ll get this shoe thing worked out yet….

            • You make GREAT boots! I was thinking I should commission you to make some Saiyajin boots since I can’t find anything pre-made. ChibiJiita needs the bodysuit first and anime/manga outfits are on the back-burner, probably until some time next year.

              • Darlin’, I’d be soooo happy to be able to make something for you! Saiyajin is your ChicLine guy, right? I figured out a lot on these. For one thing, LIGHTER LEATHER! I used recycled purse leather and I’m hoping I can find something a little light at Tandy. I’m also going to try making insoles out of sculpy or something similar. That way I can make an actual heeled boot but form the insole to fit their feet. And I think I’ve figured how to make a good join between sole and insole. These aren’t too good because I didn’t use enough overlap/seam.

                You’ll see what I mean when I get the pix taken. Tomorrow’s the extension deadline, so I’ve gotta have them done. I’ve got to throw together a scabbard for his sword and put the sleeves on his Musketeer tabard. Altogether, he’s kinda giving a whole new meaning to gaudy! 😀

            • How is the costume going? And how are the ebooks coming along?

        • Oh! My pic with Chi won first place tonight!

  • WOL

    You can watch Jaime Murray’s exploits on Warehouse 13 first season as H.(Helena) G. Wells. She did some pretty nifty stunts. I think she could easily handle the physicality of the role of Morgaine. The big question is, can she ride? If she came up through RADA, she probably does. If you haven’t watched Warehouse 13, the first three seasons are on Netflix. I think it’s cleverly written, with witty dialog and has an ensemble cast with good chemistry.

    Had to share this with you since you use the aromatherapy for kitties. It’s the one for today. If you’re not familiar with Get Fuzzy, the cat is Bucky and the dog is Satchel. Their human is Rob Wilco. Bucky just cracks me up. He mauls the language something hilarious.

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