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More flower pics

I really don’t have time to do all the planned stories, so I’ve just added some of Wiishu’s and Pook’s flower pix to the May Flowers group. Enjoy!

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  • ready4more

    I am in awe of the garden. It’s just too hot and dry here to support a garden like yours, but I would love to have as prolific a garden as you and CJ. Arizona is great for my arthritis pains and allergies but I do envy you your four seasons and ability to grow blooming plants, rather than rock gardens and xeriscapes…

  • The tulips in #7 match his violet eyes. How cute.
    That appears to be a native bee on the iris?
    I wish I knew what the shrub on the front corner (picture 14, right side) of the house was. We were trying to figure that out back in June ’10, when we were there.

    I have to say, the yard looks fantastic from the front. Everyone who helped you certainly did a bang-up job. I seem to recall you said folks from one of the churches came by and helped you with it, and that was really wonderful. Not only did they do a good deed, but it’s a lasting good deed, because it beautifies the grounds and the neighborhood in general.

    I have several plants in my flowerbeds that I cannot identify. The ones that I’ve planted are easy, but the ones that were there before just don’t come with name tags.

    I’ve planted phlox at a couple of places in the garden because I like the flowers in the spring and because it spreads so nicely. I’ve planted forget-me-nots, bee balm, butterfly bush, lavender, and foxglove, but I don’t think the foxglove is going to make it. Most of what I have on one end of the garden is thistle, and while the Scotsman in me loves it, the gardener and homeowner in me says it doesn’t belong in that garden. Maybe I should plant heather? The soil isn’t acid enough for azaleas, and I don’t even know if they’d grow in this zone (5). I have hydrangeas on the side of the house, and apparently, there’s some residual acid in the soil, because the balls are bluish. I’ve got roses all over the place, hostas under one of the dogwoods, and honeysuckle in the front and along the back. There are three very tall, about 12 feet, arbor vitae in my back garden and 3 Rose-of-Sharon bushes, too. I need to get out there and work, but I’m just too darned lazy right now. Shame on me, and if I ever get my sleep patterns back, maybe I’ll be more energetic.

    • chondrite

      I’m trying some of the South African heath, which is a relative of proper Scottish heather, but can handle our temperatures. I just planted the seeds; we’ll see how it likes the climate here. I also got an heirloom tomato, “Black Cherry”, which has doubled in size since I set it out. I hope we get some nice tomatoes from it.

      • Is that actually heath? or heather? Either way…good luck! We’ve got some heather out front that I’ve finally gotten into a spot it seems to like: in the splash pattern of the front fountain! 😀 It can get pretty toasty and dry out there.

        • chondrite

          They are all seeds from the Erica family, E. Glauca, Lateralis, and Sessiliflora. The seller also included a sample of African Daisy seeds, which are already sprouting. I hope they do well; I love the big brightly colored blooms!

  • This is about as close to a garden I ever get – working on a midterm image with flowers.


    If you click on the image it will go full-size.

    • Whoa! Dassa cool pitchur, Momma-D! You didda weally good job wif Chi’s ewbows! He lookses weally secksy!
      (Is dat duh right word, Mom?)
      (Why don’ you doos sumphin like dat ob me, Mom? I wanna be secksy!)
      (Uh…Time, brat.)
      (Oh. Okay!)
      (Can we shows evwybodies?)
      (Let’s make a pretty link, shall we?)
      (Okie Doke!)

  • Chi: Glad you like the pic, cousin Wiishu! I had a good time with onna that day! I went to work with her all by myself! Ki was not happy and when we left he had his arms crossed and his head down, pouting. Silly Ki!

    I was surprised onna talked Talis out of his goggles and Razi out of his hat but there I was, wearing both! And onna bought those nifty nebula tights just for me! Hee!

    The day was overcast and cool and onna found the perfect place to shoot my photos – in one of her empty classrooms with a single window letting in light onto the white wall. She found a white board for me to pose on and we had fun with me making lots of poses and making superhero hand gestures.

    That evening she took me to class and the teacher loved meeting me! At first I sat on top of the computer CPU and listened to the lecture but during the second half of class I sat in the extra chair and guarded onna’s bags.

    I was tired when I got home so I rested on the couch with old Eiri that night. The next day, onna got tired of hearing Ki whining so she put a shirt on me and put me back in Ki’s lap.
    It’s nice being back with Ki but I had a lot of fun out on my own, too!

    Originally onna had planned on my bare chest to have stars like my feet. onna says it works better this way; the skintones help balance the total image, whatever that means.

    I miss you, Wiishu! One day onna promises we will meet again and have lots of fun together.

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