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Check out my little celebrity!


And when we got back, he had a bunch of new wigs waiting for him!

The two on the bottom were the contenders for the Seiten Taisei and I think the spiked one is going to win, but I’m already planning an outfit to go with the pony tail one! The black one will be for Korean historical outfits and the shaded one just had to come home because the purple on the top exactly matches his eyes. I think it will be a fancy steampunk/vampire outfit.


9 comments to Check out my little celebrity!

  • ready4more

    I love the spikey one!!!

  • dhawktx

    I can’t wait to see him all dressed up for each of them!

    And Pukishu has me looking for a puki of my own, darn him!

  • I’d already ordered the pony-tail one when I spotted the spikey one. I couldn’t resist! It’s much more appropriate anyway. This is the character:

    And this is Goku, the “tamed” version:

    Donna: I don’t know where I’m going to find the time between now and SpoCon next month! Three weekends is all I have! I need to get him his Naruto outfit at the very least.

    Isn’t Pook a mess? I swear…he and Eushu will rule the universe yet! Thanks so much for sueding him (well, all the kids!)

  • dhawktx

    SpoCon sounds like a lot of fun! You can also take the easy way and use fabric markers for the ‘trim’ on a basic tunic shape that gives the right effect. Just wash the heck out of it after setting the colors so the colors don’t stain Wiishu!

  • dhawktx

    Also, look at using Ultrasuede/suedecloth as the base fabrics – no need to bind edges, which will reduce bulk.

  • I’m not really sure what all we’re going to do or what they want me to bring. I’ve got to ask. Char, Randy and Tim, the three on the left, are great folks. Well…everyone there was, but they’re the ones who are into filk and have picked up the programming gauntlet cast aside by the previous person doing it. Not sure of the politics, but they’re gung ho for anything that has “fun” attached to it. Wiishu and I were truly barely awake, and they were making Daleks! Note how few pics I actually took. Most are different angles on the same scene with lots of sparklie bits inserted! 😀

    SpoCon also does something I love and have never seen another con do. They have a fair amount of programming, but they have 1/2 breaks between, giving panelists time to sign books, answer questions and such, go piddle, etc. between panels. I hope if they get the WC bid that they incorporate that into the programming. I think most cons over-panel, so attendance is thin at everything and folks are frustrated at having to miss one to get to another. You can’t completely eliminate the problem, but this helps a lot.

  • Definitely the spiky one for the Great Sage outfit. The ponytail one could be when Goku was young and still in heaven or when he was first rescued by Sanzo.

    Wish we could make it to Spokane for the con! I would definitely bring some Chaos Crew members along (Talon, Chi, maybe Ki, some minis and tinies, maybe new Eiri if he can fit in the luggage) as Wiishu ‘backup’.

  • The inturwebz ate my post. Durn.

    I’m getting a little David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars / or maybe Labyrinth vibe from the photos. Kind of an androgynous look.

    Wiishu, being a house elf, of course has his own house elf style and not a hew-mon style.

    Hmm, the Naruto look should be good for Wiishu. (Is he going as another character, or as Naruto?) — I haven’t seen a lot of either of the Naruto series or the manga, so 🙂 it’s all new to me.

    The possibilities for costuming there sure could be fun.

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