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SoonerCon Sneak Peek

We’re habbing a wunnerfo time! Mama’s busy so I’m puttin’ sum ob my pitchurs up!

Mom wioh pud up sum mores soon!


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  • ready4more

    Glad yiu are having fun… Take care and drive safely!

  • Very, very nice! Whovians, Star Wars, Steampunk, maybe some Browncoaty-ness, and several nice peoples/critters of the doll persuasion.

    So…was that the droid you were looking for? (And does he recycle? 😉 )

    And regarding photo 6 of 9 — Wiishu, little buddy, did you have a date, there? Lookin’ mighty stylish, the both of you. — They grow up so fast! 😉

    Enjoy the con. That’s awesome!

  • Hanneke

    I’m glad you are enjoying yourself, hope you have a very nice holiday and come back rested, full of energy and ideas!
    I like Wiishu’s Dr.Who outfit, it looks very good on him. That doctor with the scarf (Tom Baker?) was my favourite, too.
    May I say, that of all the dolls I’ve seen here so far, Wiishu is by far my favourite? Somehow, he’s such a very real little boy/house-elf!

  • Thank you for the photos, Wiishu! I’m glad you got a chance to meet some of dhawktx and some of her large yet tiny family. I see you were supervising something she was working on – can you tell me what it was?

    Ki and Chi are pouting because they didn’t get to visit with you. However, I had an emergency tooth issue that weekend and it was a good thing I stayed home. The evil tooth from the 13th level of hell is now gone (actually out of my mouth and residing on the kitchen counter while I think of various methods to torture it) and I feel much better.

    I see you met a Pixiu at the con! You didn’t get the chance to meet mine before you were whisked into Mama J’s loving arms. Zephyr is purple and doesn’t have all the gold details. He grumbles about it a lot so I will probably have to enhance him to keep him quiet.

    Have a wonderful vacation and safe trip home!

  • Yikes! Should have read over what I typed before posting. No editing after posting here!

    I’m glad you got a chance to meet dhawktx and some of her large yet tiny family.

    That’s what I meant to say.

  • We’s habbin’ lotsa fun! We wented to Mom an’ Momma CJ’s ode houses today an’ gots to wide on a boats! Anti-Donna wuz fixin’ Pooki. She fixted me weel good, too! I can dances agin!

    I sowwy about your toofie. :* Dat souns weal ouchie. Bud we comin’ down agin nex year, cuz Mom’s a special guess at LiberaryCon what’s da weeken wite affer SoonersCon. An I mebbe iz gonna be da Dollie ob Honor at SoonersCon! Won dat be exsitin? Mom says not to get my hopses up, bud id COOD happen! Wish me luckies!

    • Where is LibraryCon, Wiishu? I know I want to get to Soonercon next year if we can do it for even more bjd presence. I know you want me to bring Chi and Ki along, and maybe even Toshiro-chan and ChibiJiita! You would have more LTF friends to play with!

      Chi wanted me to tell you he has been my model for my Super Power midterm project in my Photoshop class.

      Chi: onna was so nice to me! She bought nebula-printed tights for me and let me borrow Talis’ googles and Razi’s bat hat for the pictures! Now she is using Photoshop to hide my joints. I’m going to sing nature back from barren wastes!

      • Mom says I sedded it wrong. Iz Li-ber-ty Con in Chattanoogas!

        HI CHI HI CHI HI CHI!!! Did Momma-D put pitchurs ob you in da cool tights up yet? You sings weal good, so I’z sure Nature’s gonna be fine!

      • *snicker* And here I was, geeky enough to think, “Hey, LibraryCon? That sounds *kewl*, where is that?” Hahahah. ….I should get a pocket protector….

        :: Crosses arms, looks indignant. ::

        “Well, they oughtta have a LibraryCon. It’d be kewl….”

        Book and ebook scifi? Manga and graphic novels?

        I dunno, it could work, maybe.

  • Isharell

    Love the Dr Who scarf — and those glasses! Wiishu, honey, you look so studious and adorable in those glasses! you know the old saying, ‘boys who wear glasses have fun with the lasses’ (or something like that) 😉

  • Isharell

    And yes, of course you could be Dollie of Honor – I’d vote for you, sweetie!

  • Isharell

    Oh, and – Glad you all had fun, Jane. (sorry, got so excited over seeing the little guy all dolled up! (oh, dear, have I committed a pun? sorry.)lol

  • dhawktx

    The lovely lady in frame 6 is Alberta and she enjoyed meeting both Wiishu and Pukisha, who conquered her heart most thoroughly!

  • WOL

    Is that Morgaine in the pretty red dress? and Vanye?

  • chondrite

    It definitely looks like Vanye and Morgaine, although I wonder what is making her *facepalm*. “No pictures, please… I said, no pictures, curse you!!”

    The Pixiu looked like someone from Elfquest!

    I have Captain D’kaan (the Caitian) painted up, but she needs her official uniform. I have a pattern for a ST:TOS uniform with the miniskirt, but I still have to figure out how to attach her tail! I tried her with a mane, but she may simply remain short-fur tabby. I am uncertain whether the abundance of gold captain’s earrings are regulation Starfleet.

    • Caitian? Gosh, memories of Lt. M’Ress from the Animated Series….

      I think you could safely say Caitian earrings are a cultural thing, like the Bajoran family/clan(?) earring. (Or like a certain feisty feline spacefaring species….)

      BTW, I remember there was a Caitian extra in the Federation council scene in one of the movies (The Search for Spock, maybe). Might help you too.

      • chondrite

        Yes, I remember he was in the ‘bleachers’ in the hearing scene, in Star Trek IV (aka ‘So Long and Thanks for All the Fish’). He resembles my other Caitian captain, Urruah, known to his crew as ‘Captain Scream-‘n’-Leap’. 😀

        • Very neat, Chondrite. 😀 ‘Captain Scream-‘n’-Leap’, huh? Hahaha, picturing the annoyed captain putting up with the nickname. 😀 Very cool.

          These days, they could do Caitians and Edoans with CGI or animatronics/Muppet effects.

          Neat stuff.

          • chondrite

            The chief engineer was tearing out his fur because the captain’s chair padding wasn’t up to Urruah’s claws during battle; after every couple of fights, he was having to replace the upholstery. He finally installed clip on pads with hull sheathing underneath. So far, the captain hasn’t dented it, much, and the technique has caught on with other ships where Caitians serve.

            At the Academy, Urruah had a terrible time with other cadets mispronouncing his name, until one of the history buffs pointed out that the most common mangling was an old Human Marine Corps battle cry.

            My camera is teh suxxor at the moment. Are there guidelines for posting pictures, or is it pretty much only offsite links?

  • Yes, that’s M&V. Donna sueded them for me as well as Mr W and the Pookster. Everybody poses much better now. Donna did that as the typical M&V pose with M frustrated at V’s ilin approach.

    Chondrite: PICTURES?!?

  • We iz home!!! An’ bery busy cleanin’ da pond. Da feeder putted too much foods in. 🙁 Bud we tinks da fishies are all okay. Da inside ones iz doin’ fine. I gots LOTSA pitchurs t’ put up, bud Mom’s way behind. 🙁

  • dhawktx

    Hope the outside fishies are all A-OK!

    • Not only are they OK (despite some water quality probs when we got home due to feeder not working as expected) the two babies we thot we’d lost have shown up, so Banichi and Jago are still with us!

  • dhawktx

    Yay for finding losted babies!!!

    Definitely need to test that durned feeder while y’all are home.

    • Definitely. Having a hard time getting the water clear for some reason. It’s healthy now, just lots of algae.

    • Losted Babies! -or- Perilous Mixed Up Captions Of Doom!


      So, I calmly walked by the blog and see “losted babies” and I think of the Jelly Babies as discussed previously. I didn’t think of teh fishies, namely, any koi in situations most perilous.

      So then, when I walked in and found what was really going on was, yes, “losted babies!” Oh my, that’s worrisome. (Glad they’re OK.)

      I’m also relieved no Dolls, none of teh kittehz, and no Actual Babies were lost. ‘Cause, y’know, I can sympathize with misplacing your keys, glasses, etc. (we haz dunn dhis befoar) but its really somewhat harder to misplace a kid. :-/ (I shouldn’t laugh, it happens.)

      …Darn if that doesn’t have the plot bunnies hopping. …They keep getting me to Write More Stuff, but so far, it’s… I keep Writing More Stuff, then writing Another Story Idea/Part, then back to When We Last Left John and Martian…. (Hey, neat title, think I might use it…see, they’re at it again…) and so…nothing much has been (ahem) *finished* lately. Longer, fuller drafts, though, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

      “John and Martian?” Bwahaha!

      “Misplaced Baby?” hmm….

      Of course, I can’t do much more than jot down the ideas. Gotta do the grocery run in a few.

      Anyway, Jane, Flying Ships, and Co., (and koi and kittehz and Wiishu and so on and so forth etc.) and fellow fan denizens, you are all being inspirational to this perspirational guy. So thanks!

  • Hey! We live to serve! 😀

    I found a way to make “Jewwy Babies”…hmmm…that could really be read wrong, couldn’t it? Jehwy Babies: http://www.gelatine.org/recipes/recipes/desserts/jelly-babies-self-made.html

    So…I could make a Wiishu sized one out of sculpy and use that to make the impressions in the cornstarch/potato flour…but I don’t think I’ll have time before SpoCon. WAH!

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