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The question that started it all

I bet you’re all thinking this is a post about books. Well…only in that I’m THIS CLOSE to having new books for CC. Let’s plan Saturday, August third for the “coming out” party. Meantime, I’m scrambling to get another PR outfit done, this time for Vanye. I was going to bow out due to lack […]

I know most of you have more class

But, yeah…I do watch AGT for the handful of gems. I record it then watch with a trigger-happy fast forward finger. And WOW did they have a gem last night. This has everything: extreme talent, extreme creativity, extreme eye candy…and best of all extreme humor. Check it out:

Meantime…my fellow dance lovers…What do you […]

Wiishu’s Guided Tour of the New Car

We got the new car!

And it’s … beyond fabulous. I adore the color (a gorgeous seafoam or celadon green) the interior is a soft dark grey… and I of course have no pics. I’ll get some today.

We were told it w/b ready Wednesday at five. We braved traffic and showed up on their doorstep…and they’d gotten the wrong […]

Above and Beyond

Okay, folks, this is a place to remember and stop every time you go down I-40. Not only do they have one of the nicest Subways (healthy noms!), excellent gas prices and one of the best Native American made shops along I-40, they just mailed Wiishu their last Bow and Arrow ornament…for nothing.

I called […]

My poor Widdow Wiishu is Bummed...

My poor widdow Wiishu is bummed.

We recently went to SoonerCon in Oklahoma City. He was excited to find a “soobenear” from where Mom used to live. He found the perfect thing, an adorable little Native American bow with quiver and arrows…and now we’re home, we can’t find it anywhere. It’s not that […]

One More Convert!

I hope David won’t mind my taking his name in vain, but we converted yet another Skeptic over to the Hyaluronic Acid side of pain-free (or at least a whole lot less pain) living.

When we visited him last month, we found out he’d been suffering miserably from knee pain for years, was walking hunched […]

More flower pics

I really don’t have time to do all the planned stories, so I’ve just added some of Wiishu’s and Pook’s flower pix to the May Flowers group. Enjoy!

Because we haven’t had a cute kitty vid in a while

And because you can never had enough love songs. Thank you, Donna!!!!

How I Gotsted Inbited to SpoCon

By Wiishu