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Yosh! 25lbs down! 35 to go! 175!

I hovered between 180 and 185 for over a month! 😥 but I’m finally making headway again!

And Carolyn’s doing better than I am! At this rate, she’s gonna pass me and she’s almost two inches taller!!!

BTW…did I ever show you all Wiishu’s new […]

Tink gets color! and Musical Trees

Once I finished the covers, I began (finally) working on Tinkerboutit’s faceup and blush…in between some necessary garden work…more on that later. He’s far from done, but I’m pretty happy with the early results. There will, of course, be a (n extensive) slideshow with our resident soap opera queen house ef, but for now, suffice […]


That was a very pleasant surprise. I’ve got all three covers:

I should have the books up before we head for OKC! YAYAYAYAY

One down!

I’ll need to do some finessing, but overall…

The WildCards cover is underway!


Came home from Patty’s all charged up and ready to tackle this pesky project. I’ve been fighting for months to get the painting function of PSP to give me anything remotely useable, now, suddenly…heeeere’s Wesley:

He’ll be really small on the cover, but I’ll probably use the figure as an interior illo, just […]

Base-touching teaser

We’ve been down at Patty and Mike’s having a ball! Here’s a teaser. More soon;