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Wiishu’s RadCon Weekend

Okay…only a couple of months late, but it was a full weekend! I expect this to keep you busy a while. 😀

We got the 55gallon tank cleaned and set up for freshwater. Still need to get the auto-topoff working, but the bikirs and pleco are ecstatic. The water’s still a bit milky, but I’ll get some pix posted soon.

7 comments to Wiishu’s RadCon Weekend

  • What a fun long weekend! Looks like everyone had a good time.

    Nubanded will be sending Wiishu and Pookie something in the next few weeks.

  • You spoilses us, Momma-D. We stiow gots two prezzie pitchur-shows to pud up. Bud tanks you!


  • Much fun was had by all. Those are really great. I feel like I’ve been to a con again. (Good, ’cause I’m doubting I’ll get to go to ApolloCon this year. Budget not so good.)

    The robot watch is neat. Mike and Patty’s decorative horse is spectacular. Also liked the green friend Pooki met. And hey, Naruto! — Some wonderful fans there! Great photos, and great hijinks the little guys got up to.

  • Isn’t that horse gorgeous!?! The same guy is carving all of the horses for their carousel, but they’re going to paint them. This one was painted by his wife (I think) and she’s coming up to show Patty and Mike (and us!) how to get some of the effects. Can’t wait!

  • Oh, wow! I thought it was an antique or rescued carousel horse. I didn’t expect it would be hand-made by a local artist team. That’s outstanding! I’m envious of y’all getting to hear and see how they did it. That is really a beautiful horse. — And they’re doing more, for a full carousel, for Mike and Patty? Oh, that’s wonderful. What a fantastic, fun, and beautiful work of art. (And great for the kids or grandkids, nephews and nieces, or neighbors’ kids.) (Heck, I bet plenty of “big kids” (grownups) would have a great time too.)

    Sometimes there is magic in the real world right around us, and we never even notice.

    (And the Closed Circle trio and Mike and Patty are welcome to glom onto that little statement, if it sparks anything for you.)

    • We might just do that! Patty and Mike are wonderfully nuts. They had the opportunity to buy the guts for a carousel and have turned it into a magnificent obsession. Eventually, the Carousel House will also have Patty and Sparkie’s offices, but once P&M are gone, it will remain as a beautiful legacy to the community. I have images of their place being turned into an amusement (I almost wrote amazement! :D) park!

      The carver isn’t local…I went looking but didn’t find his site right away. I’m sure Mike has it somewhere on the Hurog blog/forum:


      (scroll down for a full-sized image of the hippocanth)

      But he and his wife are making a delivery of horses in a couple of weeks and staying for a few days to pass on some of the secrets of painting this marvel. How much we’ll be able to absorb and duplicate remains to be seen. I hope someone is there to take copious notes! I think, however, that the artist is thrilled to have customers whose basic request is: let your imagination soar. 😀

  • Thanks, Jane, I posted over there. Neat stuff! Just gorgeous.

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