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And how was your May Day?

Sobering new statistic on global warming:


Darn it world, wake up and get out of denial!

Fortunately, my next email was from my sis and contained this gem. The intro is a bit lengthy, but the rest is worth it!

5 comments to And how was your May Day?

  • Bravo, bravo! Encore!

    Pretty great video.

    OK, the weather’s just freaky. It’s supposed to be down to 45*F here the next two nights and up to 77*F. Only 77*F is more like a normal low for this time of year. I’m going to see if 45*F is a record low for May for here. Normally, we’d be in the 80’s and 90’s by now. Just…wacky….

    I can’t complain too much. My A/C compressor’s out, and I can’t afford to fix it yet, unless it’s really minor. So I’m waiting until I can afford it. So yeah, I’m sure I’ll be complaining soon how hot it is, and rethinking naturism, at least inside my own house. LOL!

    But 45*F? In Houston in MAY? You have gotta be kidding me!

  • If it gets below 44*F here over the next couple of days, doubtful, it will break a monthly record low temperature. The projected 45*F low for the next two nights is over 20 degrees less than the average monthly low. See Also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_of_Houston

  • Bri

    That “slow” beginning is par for the course in a concerto. The orchestra opens, and a bit later on, the brilliant soloist comes in :^)

    Nora is a fine talent. Her human, as I recall, is a piano teacher, and Nora just picked up the skill by watching Mom.

    I love the way the composer of this piece picked up little themes from Nora’s extempore and echoed them in the orchestral part. And that gentle, tripping style really catches her artistry ;^)

  • WOL

    Nora looks just like my grey kitty would look if she gained a pound or two. My kitty is the only survivor of an abandoned litter. She is small and slender. She does not play the piano, though, mostly because we don’t have one.

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