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May garden pics

Relax and enjoy (I should add a sound file of the waterfall and birds…)

Home from MisCon!

Had a fabulous time! And of course, Wiishu made a bunch of new conquests friends. One set of pics I couldn’t wait to check get up, they’re soooo cute. More will be forthcoming:

Galleries screwed

Update: I think I got them fixed! YAY!

My one complaint about NextGen, which is the plugin I use to try and control all these images, is that there’s no flipping documentation. I tried to do something that I thought would give each gallery it’s own page so people could comment on them and all […]

DWTS 2013 Finale

Oh…I’m soooo nervous. I want Kelly to win sooooo bad!

For those not watching, Kelly Pickler’s freestyle absolutely clinched it, as far as I’m concerned. I think Derek has been waiting his entire life for a partner like this to choreograph a routine like this. If you haven’t seen it, watch it right now. This […]

Old images now accessible!

I just did some blog image housecleaning and got all the old images into NextGen galleries, so they’re available under the slideshow tab. I discovered that the default image handler for WordPress actually converts and saves every image you put into a post smaller than the original. I’m going over to a 600×600 format on […]

Freshwater Tank

We decided to go ahead and clean up the old marine tank and get it set up for freshwater. Like the marine tanks, freshwater has undergone enormous chemistry advances. They now have a great nutrient-and bacteria-rich “bedding” for plants, not to mention LED lights in the proper spectrum for plants, so you can set up […]

Wiishu’s RadCon Weekend

Okay…only a couple of months late, but it was a full weekend! I expect this to keep you busy a while. 😀

We got the 55gallon tank cleaned and set up for freshwater. Still need to get the auto-topoff working, but the bikirs and pleco are ecstatic. The water’s still a bit milky, but I’ll […]

I have only one question


Watch this. The beginning is all filler-stuff, but the dance is amazing! The opening silhouette sequence is completely unforgiving…and flawless. I’ve got to find the reprise version and post it. It was even BETTER.


Da Tank

Okay. Daylight shots. And one from today after we did a final slight rearrangement of corals

Transfer complete!

Lots of photos for you. We got our cleaning crew in yesterday and today, the final batch of live rock came in and The Great Transfer began. Getting both the height and the airiness we wanted proved a bit of a challenge, but I think we’re both happy with the final arrangement. We had a […]