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Banichi and Jago return to the Pond!

11 comments to Banichi and Jago return to the Pond!

  • WOL

    Yay! very appropriate names for black fish. Their fins are ver pretty. May all their numbers be fortunate! I am at book #11 in my Foreigner reread to culminate with Protector, and those two are among my favorite “co-stars.” Will there be a Tano and an Algini?

  • chondrite

    I was wondering how you could tell them apart; it wasn’t until picture 5 that I noted Jago has a couple of coppery flashes on her head. Most felicitous! but you need a third for proper balance. I assume you’re keeping lookout for a suitable one.

    I love the way grape hyacinths smell!

    • If you look closely, the “silver” on her head is also more green. Her head iridesces. Very cool. And the camera didn’t catch it, but at the right angle, her front fins have an orange leading edge.

      Banichi is pure black and silver. His tail is beautiful, tho I don’t know how often we’ll see it. It’s translucent with a black edge.

      If we can find a blond long fin, it makes sense to get a Bren, yes? 😀 And we need another Wesley. 🙁 and another Amy. But they didn’t have their new babies out yet. Hopefully we’ll fill these “niches” next week.

  • 82Eridani

    How pretty! I love the fishies and your yard. This is the first time I’ve seen the greenhouse too. What do you have in there?

    • Aren’t they pweddy? Haven’t seen them since that first day, but I think they’ve joined the pod and are hiding under the screen inthe deep end. The big fish come out to eat, grab a bite and duck back in under the screen and Stevie is hardly coming out at all. I don’t think it’s predator-spook…doesn’t look like that. Just like they don’t want to be separated.

      Right now, a lot of dying house plants and my tool cart! 😀 It’s been so cold at night I didn’t want to risk my little indoor seedlings. About time to put them out there. Moonflowers, morning glories, forget-me-nots. I wanted to get some pretty begonias, but haven’t seen any I really liked. 🙁 Was hoping to have some of this CC stuff finished so I could think about some more annuals, but I’ve never started from seedlings (I’ve thrown seeds out, but not cultivated them) so I guess we’ll count this one tray as a first try. 😀

      • 82Eridani

        Oh exotic begonias! I had several last year….Escargot was a favorite, dark green and silver swirly leaves! We had a hard frost last night, hopefully the last of the season. The cold tolerant veggie seedlings probably made it, though I haven’t looked yet. Another 10 days and I hope to put tomatoes in.

        • No tomatoes for us, sigh. Very high carb. I love begonias and have yet to truly grow them successfully. I’ll probably order some next year as I’ve been unable to find any locally. I think we’ve also finally finished with the freezes.

  • dhawktx

    It makes me so happy to see the pond/garden shots… Thank you!

  • sky_barnes

    I didn’t realize the scale in last year’s photos…. thank you for showing your hand, so to speak. Jago and Banichi look properly robust in situ.
    One of the houses in the neighborhood has a koi pond (properly netted), and the fish do like to cluster under shelter. The turtles are more adventurous.
    Your garden is so lovely! I put in my summer vegetables almost a month ago and things are just starting to flower. Zucchini soon, green beans, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers to come (my climate is perfect for growing gazpacho, if the slugs don’t eat everything (had to plant twice last year)).
    Of course since you posted the link for butterfly mahjong, I’ve been gathering butterflies indoors. Haven’t gotten all 50 species on offer yet, and hoping I’m able to tear myself away once I do.

  • What a lovely haven!

    And fishies! Where were Banichi and Jago living before you put them back in the pond? I missed that.

  • Well…we had a Banishi and Jago that were victims of predators. These are two new babies we got to take their places.

    We LOVE our pond. I hope the sun being out at last is going to wake things up all around and I’ll start getting some better pix of the garden (Wiishu will want to inspect everything. :D) It’s still very much a work in progress.

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