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Long overdue box opening

Back in the early days of Pook, we got a wonderful new addition. He’s the resincarnation of a very special friend. I took a lot of pictures that day…and none of them were great. Some setting in my point and shoot got weird—-I still don’t know what—but the pics were all slightly out of focus. […]

New Tank Adventures: Day 2

One pic pretty much sums it up.

Scrape scrape scrape. Wipe and scrape some more. There’s some kind of film all over the face. We thought a simple wipe down with vinegar would take it right off. Wrong. It isn’t sticky and it’s not thick or brittle. It just ignored water, vinegar, and alcohol. […]

New Fish Tank Adventure: Day One

Volunteers rule! Thanks you three. You saved our lives.

Off for a busy day. More later, but here are the first pics. Lousy job of documenting: I was too busy holding the door. Such a hard job!

Wiishu’s Floral Adventure(s)

The trees out front are starting to do their thing, and Wiishu wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!

Posting comments has gotten a little harder

Bogus user registrations have been skyrocketing and I’m trying a new plugin that makes me have to approve new users. What I have to do right now is look up each new user individually, see if they’ve posted anything, try to judge if it sounds like a real person, then manually delete them. This just […]

Banichi and Jago return to the Pond!

New Side Bar

For the Battle of the Bulge.

It’s been a lifelong struggle for me. Mom fed a big family on a limited budget in the sixties, which meant lots of yummy casseroles…and lots of birthday parties, especially when you add into the mix a massive number of cousins, also with birthdays, family get-togethers for every holiday […]

I'm gimping around today

Welcome to spring! The weather has been so bizarre, we’ve had few gardening friendly days, but the nightly freezes have finally ended (our poor weeping cherry is weeping more than blooming this year) and I got out and did some very necessary dandylion yanking before they could go to seed. Would the neighbors would do […]

A priceless relationship captured with love

Thanks to my sis for sending me this link. It’s a slideshow of photos of a girl and her best friend, caught by her father, a professional photographer. The photos are wonderful, the relationship…well, just take a look.


Because we all need a good laugh…

Okay. I know I’m a bit silly, putting Wiishu and Pook to bed each night with their little sleepy faces. And the fact is, I’ve gotten that face flip down to a science, ‘specially on the itty bitty pookster. It’s easy to hold both faces in one hand and do a quick flip. I was […]