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A quick real life lesson in image composition

Talk about serendipity…. I was scanning my Wiishu photos looking for a horizontal composition for a DoA thread when this little gem popped out:


The reason I call it a gem is because what you’re seeing is virtually untouched by photoshop, and yet it is a perfect […]

Lest you wonder….

why this silly little doll fascinates me…

I’ve been working on Vanye’s wig. Wiishu has been sitting on the divider between CJC’s chair and mine. Then, I played a bit with my watercolor pencils on Vanye’s face (because I’d just remembered to take them out of my purse and they were sitting there, tempting me) […]

Fun new challenge on DoA

We’re given two themes for the week and supposed to take pictures depicting the themes. First week is order and chaos

Sooo….guess what I’ve been doing this morning? 😀

And while we’re at it: the rest of Wiishu’s morning with the pond:


It's not the money...it's winning the game....

There’s a fascinating show on H2 right now called “The Men Who Built America”. It’s the story of the men whose (Donny Deutch describes it perfect) lust for power, for fame, for money…moved the world forward in the last 150 years. We’re talking the railroads and coal and petroleum, and tonight…electricity. It’s about the “unregulated […]

Wiishu opens the pond

Today I hepped Mom open duh pond so duh fishies can breeve. It was BERRY excitin’!

Credit where it's due

Once again, I’m probably the last to hear about this, but for those of you as ignorant as I, I pass on this long overdue acknowledgement to a woman whose contribution to our modern technology is possibly the only contribution more under-appreciated than Nicolai Tesla’s.

I’m speaking of Hedy Lamarr and her contribution to modern […]

Time for a giggle

The Scavenger Hunt was stalled on “fire Engine” so Wiishu and Pooki supplied one:



Finally a use for Pooki-spit! And another angle:



When are we going to fight back against the language bigots?

Yeah…time for a good old-fashioned rant.

I’m so tired of looking for “just the right word” only to come up against one more way in which evil bad mean and nasty bigots have corrupted the use of a perfectly good word.

Obvious case in point: gay, fairy, queer. These are really good, useful words…and they’ve […]

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

And lest you wonder: http://paddynotpatty.com/

Wiishu’s First Meetup

Okay, everyone. I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet. I’ve been house cleaning, doing covers and, yes, hats for the kiddos for St Paddy’s day. A lot of last week was cleaning house to make room for our first visit with a couple of the local resin-moms. One is Miike’s mom (remember the little mohawked punk […]