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Dr Shu and Minime Invade the Green Room

minimePookie an’ me gots t’go to Radcon dis weekend! We had a great time an’ met lotsa nice peoples. Mom will be postin’ lots more pitchurs real soon.  Mom maded me wot she callded a protydype Dr Whoses costume, an’ Pookie gotsted new hairs an’ a hat jus’ like mine! We looksed berry snazzy.

Sheesh…he’s getting less and less literate! We did have fun and he was quite a hit in his outfit. Basically, I was braindead Thursday, and since there was no way I was getting anything useful done, decided to make a quick try and a 4th Doctor frock coat for Wiishu. I had just found Dr Pook’s scarf (made in the 80’s when I made my own) and Wiishu’s demands were getting pretty persistent. Wigs and hats (and Pookie’s new jeans) were made Friday at the convention. The resizing of a 1960’s double-breasted coat worked pretty well…I made this coat directly from the pattern I made via my new grid technique. I photocopied the pattern pieces off the instructions and just resized it using the cm grid. I had to change the shape of the lapel (still needs some finessing) and lengthen it (not to mention, adjust for Wiishu’s lack of, er, chest) but other than that, it was very quick and worked very well.

Before the next con, I’ll remake it with a lightweight wool (this fabric is very stiff and he makes a very cute little arms-straight-out zombie-doctor) and add some seams so that I can put in the big side pockets, but overall…it was a success…and fairly quick. He made new friends, two of whom are going to help me get the yarn to make him his own scarf out of lighterweight yarn. I also need to make him a tiny tardis key and sonic screwdriver, of the Doctor Tom era style.

Anyway…pics soon!

12 comments to Dr Shu and Minime Invade the Green Room

  • You could make Pookie a Sonic Screwdriver costume… Or a tardis costume… Or a Dalek costume…

    You are SO talented! Great costumes!

  • OMG OMG OMG!!!! Pookie as a Sonic Screwdriver!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Heheh, that is too cool. — Looking forward to more Falling Skies and Doctor Who this summer. There’s supposed to be a series called Defiance in April, TNT I think. I’ll tune in and watch a few episodes, see if I like it. Also looking forward to the movie, After Earth, with Will Smith and son, this May. The new Star Trek movie, I’m undecided on. But lately, I’ve waited on movies to get to video or download or streaming first.

    My real life situation’s going to be up in the air for a while, back taxes due. After that’s paid, I’ll be apartment hunting. But this is actually a step in the right direction, so although I hate the hit to remaining savings, it is both necessary and probably leads to better things. Hope so, anyhoo. I am expecting to stay active online as usual. Thinking I’ll still be in my home through April, maybe into May. … Downsizing into a one or two bedroom apartment from a house. Yowza. … Non-negotiable: My two cats come with me. They’re family. 🙂

    • Good luck, BCS! We live in old but decent apts in Richardson. Lots of closet space. Hope you can find something that works for you!

    • Yipes! Hope it’s not as bad as it sounds. We rarely go to movies ourselves. Just tooooo expensive…and they get onto streaming so fast now.

      Sympathize with that down-sizing thing. We’re STILL trying to shed the Too Much Stuff. We made the mistake of putting a bunch into storage on the “if we need it we’ll go after it within a year and if not, we’ll shed it.” Concept. Never quite got around to that shedding part. This is the year….

      Anybody want some books?

  • mmberry

    Initial reaction: Depends on what books you’re getting rid of. Then good sense kicks in and screams NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I’m in the process of thinning my collection of *stuff* which also includes books that will never be re-read. You might check into some un expected places that will take books. There is a Pediatrics clinic that gives books away to children up to 18 here in town that’s connected with the University. Sometimes it’s just knowing the right person to ask. Our local library also gets the occassional box from me for their sales. If it’s something they can use, it goes in the system.

  • chondrite

    Pookie? Pook-a? Just what you need, two fae tearing about the place!

    I just moved 5 boxes of books up into our attic, and several things we are storing for a friend, including a 4′ scale model of the Nautilus from the 1954 Disney movie (he has so many strings to his bow, he’s more string than bow…) We should weed, but neither DH nor I can bring ourselves to do it. An unpleasant surprise was finding, on first glance, what looked like a tangle of dead grass that got tracked inside, but turned out to be a live scorpion, possibly having fallen out of the attic during box shuffles? He had a large envelope dropped on him and was stomped flat.

  • Yep, back taxes, no fun. A paperwork and formalities snafu has been ongoing since Friday. I’m hoping it will finally be solved tomorrow so I can move forward.

    I used to help my parents unpack frames as a teen, at my mom’s art shop. (Also why the smells of oil paint media, linseed oil, turpentine, feel like home.)

    One season, I was unpacking a crate of frames, mind halfway on task, when suddenly I saw something brownish, segmented, and my mind had just enough time to think, scorpion, not spider! I yelled and flung, instinct. Mom and Dad came to see as I was looking, worried in case I’d just let a live scorpion into the whole store, for us or tomorrow’s customers. I had found it, though. It was long dead, dried out in the shipping from Santa Fe or elsewhere Southwest. We all knew to be careful anyway, but I was extra careful after that. Our climate in Houston is very humid. Anything creepy-crawly, bugs or worms or fungus, love it. So you learn to watch out.

    Glad you’re OK, chondrite.

  • Yeah…I think he’s Pookie. I hate to be so unoriginal, but he’s sorta like Wiishu’s personal teddy bear (a la Garfield.) As for the link to both Pooka and Pukisha…both fit the little imp! I’ve got to get some of his slideshows together. He sort of giggles and tumbles his way through life. Nothing phases him. He and Dubhain would do lunch and do and do and do…eating everything in sight!

    I fear I’m pretty laid back about bugs…too much so for someone who lived in OKC for many years. We don’t tend to have much of anything on the wet side (Seattle area, where I grew up) I’ve learned to keep my eye out for Nasty Spider Things, but not much else. Don’t think I’d like finding a scorpion, but would probably be zapped before I realized it was there. Sigh….

  • What would we do without the internet?


    Seems they come in everything from egg-white to black. That there are striped and shaded versions. That their seeds have alkaloids (which would make the atevi happy) and that they’re related to the tobacco plant!

    who knew?

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