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Pookie’s Arrival: Part Five

Almost done…

Pookie’s Arrival: Part Four

Fasten your seatbelt. The Pook is in full flight!

Pookie’s Arrival: Part Three

The little Pook finally makes his appearance. Enjoy!

Pookie’s Arrival: Part Two

Warned you…this will be lengthy. Does anyone have any feelings re: the list of images vs the slideshow? I know for some people, load time is still an issue. I’m trying to accommodate!

Pookie's Arrival: Part One

This one is going to take a while!

Meantime…We’ve got the next Foreigner short about ready to go up…Cover’s done, edit’s done, just putting it together. And the edit on Nexus is almost done. We should have new stuff up on CC before the end of the month! YAY!

Dr Shu and Minime Invade the Green Room

Pookie an’ me gots t’go to Radcon dis weekend! We had a great time an’ met lotsa nice peoples. Mom will be postin’ lots more pitchurs real soon. Mom maded me wot she callded a protydype Dr Whoses costume, an’ Pookie gotsted new hairs an’ a hat jus’ like mine! We looksed berry […]

Wiishu's ABC's

I’m absolutely addicted to the ABCs for ABJDs thread on DoA. These are pics of resin-kids which in some way depict the letter. You’ll get the ideal. I love going up there, seeing what letter is waiting, and seeing if I can come up with something on the fly…but I’ve got a few that have […]

About Time!

We finally got Momma-D’s package to the PO yesterday. (Hope it fits into your mailbox!)

BJDs in Spokane

Just went up on DoA and got a PM that has me jumping handsprings. It’s from another BJD momma who has just moved to Spokane. I went to check out her resin-family and discovered she’s the mom of one of my favorite resin-kids on the site, Miike


Isn’t he just cute as […]