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This One Might Matter

I don’t want to speak too soon, but it’s possible that we’re onto something.

Like a lot of people, I suffer (BADLY) from the Deadly Morning Munchies. No matter what I have for breakfast, half and hour later, I’m looking for something to put in my mouth. This rebound has been no small part of my weight problem, lifelong. Once started, lunch and dinner just repeat the effect. Well…Kirkland Signature (i.e. Costco) might have come up with a solution.

Nature’s Path Organic Ancient Grains Granola with Almonds. Fingers crossed, it might be the magic answer. Ingredients include wonders like…unrefined cane sugar, Spelt, KAMUT, khorasan wheat, Quinoa and Amaranth. (Caps according to the packaging. Who knows why?) What are these wonders? Literally…really old grains. Before, I guess, we started opting for bigger and softer grains, i.e. things that broke down easily. Whatever…these have all the goodies we look for: high fiber, high protein, low sodium…all that healthy stuff. And for once…it really seems to work. At least for me. I’m not (so far)suffering that expletive deleted rebound and have dropped several pounds in the last week. Part of this is getting back on the bike (literally) but I really can’t last long enough yet for that to make much difference. Mostly, I’m not grabbing the stray cracker or chip (which always travel in groups, you know). Fingers crossed, the effect won’t fade.

If you’re one of the millions who share my munchie-weakness and have a Costco or other Kirkland-resource available, I heartily suggest giving this stuff a try.

6 comments to This One Might Matter

  • WOL

    Amazon has some for sale, and the Natures Path website has a store finder. They also have an on-line store, but unfortunately, the Ancient Grains Granola is not offered for sale on line.
    Must be your Siberian genes. . . .

  • No, I don’t think the Siberian genes have anything to do with it. Not much grows on the taiga, so her Siberian genes would probably be more inclined toward bear, wolverine, or other such source of protein.

    I have rebounds in the morning, and it doesn’t matter what I have. I can go for several hours and then everything goes to pieces in short order. Then, it’s either grab something quick or else go lie down and do nothing for 30 minutes while my liver processes the fat into starch and then the starch into sugars. It happened today, even though I had a good breakfast, though probably too much sugar. They weren’t like Calvin’s Frosted Sugar Bombs, but they had enough on them, even though the cereal was whole wheat. At dinner this afternoon, I thought I would pass out, and that would have been embarrassing, as I was meeting with a potential romantic interest for the first time. What an impression that would have made – me passed out on the seat of the booth, pale, clammy, and unresponsive. Well, at least, we finished dinner, and not because I was paying the tab.

  • WOL

    I hardly ever eat breakfast much. Never have been much for it when left to my own devices. What I have problems with are these people (like my mom) who seem to think that if you don’t have three meals a day whether you’re hungry or not, dire consequences will ensue. I may not eat anything until 5 or 6 o’clock, have a good sized meal, and that’s it for the day. Or I may nibble all day. The trick is that when I do eat to make sure what I eat is good for me. No empty calories. Fruits and veggies, good quality protein. I lead a sedentary lifestyle (more sedentary that it should be!) and if I had to eat three meals a day, I’d look like the Goodyear blimp.

  • Let’s hear it for Siberia!!!!

    Between meds and vitamins, I need to have a certain rhythm to my eating. Carolyn, bless her, hands me food three times a day. Something we were doing (added to this drive to get the files finished) had me climbing the walls in between for snacks. When we started this cereal, that craving really slacked off. Of course…this also occurred after the files were finished, however, I noticed a distinct difference between starting the day with this and starting it with Kashi (which I love, sigh.)

    Every system is different, no doubt, but if others have this craving…whether truly hungry or just “something missing”…it’s a simple enough place to start. 😀

  • Good you found something to keep you satisfied!

    My rheumo took me off carbs – no wheat (it inflames joints), rice, potatoes, pasta, corn, etc. I eat meat and veg, nuts and fresh fruit. I sneak in a little wheat or rice in the morning for energy. I’ve lost 11 pounds since Thanksgiving and four of those were during the Xmas holiday!

    She wanted me to count calories (I don’t) and eat small meals with two snacks (I don’t). I haven’t been much of a snacker for the last decade. Now if I feel hungry at work, a few almonds do it. At home I eat olives or a kosher dog or a pickle or a Greek salad mix of fresh veggies. I eat any meat, including bacon!

    Oh, a good way to help curb it is to brush your teeth every time you eat – the taste of the food is gone so you don’t think about going for a little more.

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