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WildCards edit done!

Now it’s make a cover, the ebooks and onto Nexus! YAYAYAYAY

8 comments to WildCards edit done!

  • I’m a doofus. What series? And I’m sure you’ve said before and I’m not thinking/ Please accept my doofus-ness. 😉

    More good stuff to read, however, is always a good thing.

  • This is the rewrite of GroundTies. It’s been edited both for clarity and to incorporate the new insights of ‘NetWalkers. I’m very proud of the initial series, but I’m really excited with the rewrites. There were certain transitions I was never happy with…it was the first thing I ever wrote and it’s so complex, it would be a miracle if I was. I can now say, there’s nothing I’m not happy with. I worked on every one of those sections until it made absolute motivational sense rather than characters hitting marks.

    There have also been some shifts in the story, primarily dealing with Hononomii’s part. I’m going to have to count on you guys, however, to let me know if fossils from the original version crept past me.

  • Aha, thank you! (And sorry for not tracking.) — Looking forward to the new version.

  • Woo Hoo! Looking forward to reading the enhanced version!

  • WOL

    Yes! We like things like “finished,” “posted on the site,” “get them while they’re hot. . . .” but most especially, we like “moar!”

  • BCS: Not a problem! It’s confusing. That’s one reason I’ve pulled the originals until these new ones are established.

    Onna: 😀

    WOL: I can’t wait for NEW! Once these are done, my backlog of stuff is finally taken care of and I can concentrate completely on new stuff. It’s been impossible with all these looming over my head.

  • Lyn

    Looking forward to the new book too. At least my new reading glasses came and I can finally start into the reading backlog pile. It is almost taller than me.

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