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'NetWalkers is up on Amazon

Wish me luck. I’m worried about people reading the first part and thinking it’s, like, a romance. Not that there’s anything wrong with romance, just that people looking for a Romance style ending are not going to be happy….Ah, well. We shall see….

The links are:


Of Mentors and Mimetrons

If anyone’s inclined to write a review, t’would be appreciated. Just be honest, pros and cons. It’s important to let people know what they’re getting into.

7 comments to ‘NetWalkers is up on Amazon

  • Maybe you’ll get a mix of SF readers and romance readers?

    Amazon might be a good thing for you. I wonder how it’ll do over time.

    Best Wishes, and Congratulations!

  • kokipy

    I don’t think people will be confused. The books are complex. Anyone who has read even a part of the first one will be prepared for anything and looking for more. I will visit the review page when I can write something comprehensive and appropriate 🙂 good luck ! And happy new year, also.

  • Hanneke

    OK, I tried. I’ve put up reviews for both books, the same reviews on both Amazon.co.uk and .com.
    I’m not a good reviewer. As mmberry said on CJ’s blog, I like reviews that tell me something about the book. I always liked Harriet Klausner’s reviews on Amazon, she was really informative. She was also quite long, generally. I never mind spoilers myself, very often I will check the end to see it doesn’t end too badly, before I will read a book and get all invested in the characters. But nowadays, it seems spoilers are very heavily frowned on, and reviews have to be short and snappy, and I find it nearly impossible to write a piece about why I liked a book without talking about what happens in the book! And everyone on these blogs is by now well aware that I’m really bad at keeping it short and to the point…
    So. I tried, and I hope it helps a little bit, even if they aren’t very good reviews. I did like the books a lot!
    Seriously wishing you luck in gaining the recognition you deserve for your books.

    On another note: John Scalzi is again giving authors (and only the authors themselves) the chance to promote their own books and stories that could be nominated for a Hugo award this year (which means, were published in 2012),on his blog at http://whatever.scalzi.com/2013/01/04/sff-authorseditorsartistsfans-2013-award-awareness-post/
    It might be worthwhile putting any of your books that you three published in 2012 on there, with a link to Closed Circle.
    Both because seeing a title could trigger people to nominate it, but also because people might follow the link to Closed Circle and buy books.

  • Lyn

    Good luck Jane. I won’t be joining Amazon to review though. I buy my books from Book Depository in the UK (free shipping even to New Zealand). I responded Yes that a review was helpful but then it wanted me to log in or create an account. Off topic in a sense, on Closed Circle you have written that only the edits and covers are required before the rewrites are available on CC. Do you have a month ETA? I will want to buy them. Will the original series be re-posted to CC too after this? I also wouldn’t mind buying them. Thanks.

  • Not a problem! As I mentioned elsewhere, I wish I could afford to boycot Amazon myself, believe me. I’m really ticked off at this new “writers can’t review books” policy CJC mentioned. I mean, gee…opinion of someone who actually does this for a living couldn’t possibly be useful, could it?

    I’m working on the final edit of WildCard now. I hope to have it ready next month. I hope to have them all up by summer. I have so many versions of these books in my head now that making sure I’ve caught the fossils is pretty tough. I’ll have to count on you guys to keep me honest and root out those I missed! 😀

  • Lots of GOOD LUCK selling on Amazon!

    FYI: I finished Partners with the M&M teaser last night, realized I didn’t have the full M&M in my Kindle and bought it at CC at 5:30am so I could continue reading!

    Those dreams and drawings… Hmm… 😉

  • CJ

    Well, I did slip one review in, and it hasn’t been taken down yet. Yet.
    So much is done by bots around there, who knows?

    But I gave it 5 stars.

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