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My PR project is up!

These are the pics. Note his hightops! I got them done!

Cuztimz an’ elasticses

Little PukiShu arrived today! That was seriously fast! Just got the customs notice yesterday! So…we get yesterday’s slideshow…and a sneak peak at the new little guy:

And after an eventful day:




PR Sneak Peak

I’ve got the essentials done for Wiishu’s Project Runway outfit. I probably won’t do any more on it since this weekend was my window, and the deadline is the end of the month. But I think it turned out pretty cute.

Lions and Tigers and...Loki, OH MY




Making Wiishu Patterns

I’ve discovered a very fun way to draft patterns.

First: salient measurements: in addition to those in his official chart, I needed these. I want to maximize his ability to move and minimize bulk under the coat so I want the waistband to fit above the hip joint, right into the solid central torso. The […]

Pukisha Watch 3: a little subterfuge

Oh…he’s such a worrier…

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Pukisha watch 2

Sometimes being good is really hard….

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This One Might Matter

I don’t want to speak too soon, but it’s possible that we’re onto something.

Like a lot of people, I suffer (BADLY) from the Deadly Morning Munchies. No matter what I have for breakfast, half and hour later, I’m looking for something to put in my mouth. This rebound has been no small part of […]

WildCards edit done!

Now it’s make a cover, the ebooks and onto Nexus! YAYAYAYAY

Pukisha Watch 1

Oh…it’s gonna be a long wait…