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Fox strikes again…

The champions of over-reaction and scare tactics where it comes to anything Obama have struck again. This time on E-15 GasolineThe following is making the rounds of the internet:
The AAA has asked the Obama administration to take this gas off the market, according to USA Today and the Chicago Tribune. Void your warranty!!!!   If you’ve got a car you need to watch this.
Watch this video from Fox Business…if your CAR IS OLDER THAN 2012 you need to AVOID THE NEW E15 GAS that is just starting to show up at gas stations. Most car companies will not honor the warranty on your car if you use this new gas.
Please pass this on to everyone you know
While I’m very grateful to those who have included me in their forwards, I have to say to Fox:
Wait a minute folks. A simple heads-up would suffice. I don’t put diesel into my engine either, but that doesn’t mean the stuff shouldn’t be made available to those people with diesel engines. GET REAL! Hang a sign on the pump that says “don’t use if your car is older than 2012 unless you want to end up on the “biggest idiots of 2013 list”” but don’t take it off the market.
What AAA actually said was that we should suspend sales until consumers had been properly warned:
As I say: I agree in principle, but the only warning required s/b proper news reporting, not scare tactics, and a sign on the pump. Maybe something on the handle so you see it as you put it in the car. We DO NOT need one more expensive redesign of gasoline inlets to protect fools from putting the wrong fuel in their car. Such a sign could be designed, printed and distributed to every gas station in America in a matter of days if the EPA put their minds to it.

13 comments to Fox strikes again…

  • I’m outraged! This is a preposterous proposal to propagate poisonous propaganda to the pandering populace.

    I don’t watch Fox News, I don’t watch CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, but I will watch PBS if I believe their broadcasts are fair and objective. Otherwise, I will continue to troll the intarwebz for nooses.

  • No noose is good newts.

    No nooze is good gnus.

    Aw, gee….

  • I should have spelled it “noozes”, since that’s the way it’s spelled in “With the Bentfin Boomer Boys on Little Old New Alabama”…..

  • @ JOe: 😀 😆 😀 Well done!

    I mean…it is something to be aware of. Cheapskate that I am, I’d’ve been tempted, if it was cheaper…but not before I looked into it. Too many people don’t look into things. I’m actually a believer in warning labels. It’s cheap insurance against stupidity. Even things like: “don’t stand in a puddle of water while sticking this soaked plugin into the dripping socket”

    We live in a world with a lot of high-powered moving parts and reminders are not a bad thing, but this is pure scare-tactics politics and I OBJECT! 😀

  • dhawktx

    I actually am ‘guilty’ of sending it out, but then I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who would pump first and think second.

    I also have the experience of purchasing a new Subaru in the late 80’s that said plainly, ‘Nothing under 92 octane’ in the owner’s manual. Of course, at the time availability was 87, 90 or 93 (Premium). Of five of us that owned a Subaru at that time, I was the only one who followed that notice and the only one withOUT major engine work right after the warranty ran out.

    • And I always appreciate your forwards! Mmmmwah! You’ve clued me into a lot of things I might otherwise have missed!

      I actually got several emails that were variations on a theme all based on that video, which is why I mentioned it, and as I say, I’m VERY grateful for the information. I think we do need to know. My problem is with the Fox video’s scare-tactics “horrors!” approach. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

      And I still say, people who refuse to follow specific manufacturer’s instructions such as the one you mention deserve (sorry, but they do) the repair bills. I wouldn’t plug my computer straight into a socket in the UK either.

  • dhawktx

    I agree completely re Fox scare tactics as well as no pity for those who are too busy/important/special to follow the instructions.

    Oh, and I did NOT pass up on the opportunity to say ‘Told you so!’ when it happened, because I’d been warning them that Subaru wouldn’t print it if it wasn’t true…

  • Not to mention the people who are convinced that cautions such as that are only because the auto manufacturer made a deal with the oil companies! Or who are convinced that it will never happen to them, because God won’t let it. But then, I’m one of those who refused to give up my Pinto because of the idiot people who parked on the freeway, got rearended and had their gas tank explode. That little care had well over 200,000 miles on it before it finally died in a snow-caused fender-bender. It was a great car.

    (And in that case, I was right. This from Wikipedia: The Pinto’s legacy was affected by media controversy and legal cases surrounding the safety of its gas tank design; a recall of the car in 1978; and a later study examining actual incident data that concluded the Pinto was as safe as, or safer than, other cars in its class.) HAH! Take that all ye who said I was crazy! I actually looked into the cases and it was my first real experience with media-created insanity in the marketplace.

    We LOVE our Subaru(s). Fabulous cars in every way. I have a 1985 Firenza with a repaint and all the markers removed that drives all the car-crazy young men crazy trying to figure what it is! 😀 I always hoped that the TV car-makeover people would come and steal it and turn it into a stick-shift with one of those blue/purple color-changing paint jobs! 😀 😀 😀 His name is Wesley… 😉

    Oh…and I will not put that e15 in him!

    • WOL

      Gee Whiz! Wesley is older than my 1987 Toyota Crayola. They do say that 80% of all the Toyotas ever made are still on the road. . . Still, it’s so much fun to sit in the oil change place waiting room and reflect that the guy changing the oil in your car is younger than the car. . . .

  • I wish that TV car-makeover show would do my car as well! Poor Geo Metro has seen better days but gets great MPG and I won’t give him up. Name is ‘The Rat Car’ to he doesn’t realize I like him. Cars I liked with nice names died.

  • pholy

    I had to look up that Firenza (from Olds!)- I had it confused with the Pontiac Fiero from the same era. A friend had bought a Fiero because it reminded him of my Lotus Europa – both mid-engined small-displacement two seaters. The Europa was older, of course, roughly ’68-’75, as I recall.
    My first experience of media idiocy was the Corvair and a certain book about cars by a lawyer 🙁 I was in Uni, in Engineering, and reading every book on automotive design that I could get my hands on.) Now it is true that the first Corvairs were unsafe in a tight corner at high speeds, but not at any speed… And of course by 67 or 68 Chevy had redesigned the rear suspension much more like a decent race car, but the media never reported that. A friend had the newer one, and it ws quite a decent car.

  • I’ve got to take a decent pic of Wesley. The only one I have is from one of the first digital cameras. Pretty bad. He’s a cute car and fun to drive. Seats are still in fabulous shape…but then he’s got less than 100,000 miles on him. He’s basically our backup car. Only problem is the suspension rods on the hatchback don’t last worth spit. Annoying. Gotta figure how to replace them myself…

    My named cars…gee I’ve only had two…have always had personality. The first, my Pinto, was Fess, named after the computer in Warlock in Spite of Himself that gets put in a robotic horse body and has epileptic fits…he was a great car but would just suddenly die for no apparent reason at the oddest times. (Turned out to be a PCV (valve) of all things) That’s the one that I left with my sis when I moved to New York to work for the Pinis, who had promised me a car as part of my wages. She drove him to Chicago and drove it for several years there before he demised.

    The Pinis gave me a rusted out little Datsun with, well, a lot of mileage, that was fun to drive but rather… ventilated (you could see the road through holes in the floorboard. I nursed it for a few years, then found another little Pinto. Left that one with my younger brother when I moved to OKC in the mid 80’s. That’s when I got Wesley…obviously right after I started writing GroundTies. He was named for his strange tendency to “wink” unexpectedly with his windshield wipers. 😀

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