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Morgaine and Vanye's Arrival: Part Two

The rest of the story. It’s long, so get comfy!

39 comments to Morgaine and Vanye’s Arrival: Part Two

  • Wiishu, have you not learned that you do not antagonize beings for which you have very little experience? You do not realize just what the Lady and her Man can do, or will do.

    I can’t believe that Morgaine is complaining about the robes. She’d rather go naked and be cold? Poor Vanye, at least he kept his thoughts to himself.

    • Vanye’s still stunned. πŸ˜€ Think of waking up naked (worse, BALD) with a fuzz-topped Wiishu in front of you (not to mention a naked—)

      Annn-tagorize? Wiishu don’ know wot dat means. She ‘tacked me! An’ den she saided mean tings! An Mom won’ let nobodies hurt her Wiishu. (dimples)

      I’m not sure Wiishu is scared of anything. πŸ˜€ Morgaine’s the type who, caught naked, would never let anyone know she was distracted by it. She was much more concerned with Vanye’s modesty than her own. And I did make kind of a messy join on that sleeve, so I couldn’t resist having her complain about it. :mrgreen:

      • Wiishu, “antagonize” means to pester someone until they get mad at you, and you still don’t stop pestering them. You do NOT want to meet this Lady’s sword, it’s not sharp, but it will make a big change in your life.

  • mitha

    Thanks for a very fun end to the weekend!

    “She’s mean, Mom, send her back” …too cute! πŸ˜€

  • mmberry

    The text on the photos was very appreciated last night! Morgaine is really going to put Mr.W in his place! I forsee a lot of challenges. (No, I am not making a bad pun.) Should we hunt for you a referee shirt?

  • I almost expected M to say to you – LUUUCY! You has some ‘splaining to do! *snerk* πŸ˜‰

    Poor Wiishu! Getting bullied left and right after being king of the hill for so long! And all the ‘meanie’ and ‘mean’ was pure ’19-year-old Shuichi’! LOL! πŸ˜†

    In some ways I wish I had brought Wiishu out of the box and exposed him to the Crew before coming to you. M&V are nothing compared to the Eiri group with their multiple crankiness + acid tongues combined with some of the pushy/snappish Court and the Chaos Cave Guard with their katana. He would have been surrounded with no exit and major binding magic to keep him still. 😯

    Then again, it’s good that did not happen because he would not be such an adorable wild child. πŸ˜€

    I figure the adults will retreat from Mr. W as much as possible and perhaps put a ring of ‘sticky’ around them to keep him away. :mrgreen:

    Looking forward to Wiishu modeling his new hands!

  • I’m not sure the kids will be able to avoid him. If they start doing something intrustin’, he’s certain to be in the middle of it. He and Eushu are much alike in that respect.

    I think House Elves need to be “born” into their household so their personality can grow to fill and reflect it. I think if he’d come already tempered, he wouldn’t be a House Elf. (Quick step addition to the House Elf Manual)

    Hands are coming, but I’ve GOT to get away from the slide shows for a few posts. I’m losing visitors! πŸ˜€ It’s just that I’ve had a choice, Wiishu, who has been my adorable distraction from utter tedium with the files and trying to solve site problems and how to get the links out, or the daily “gosh gee wow, I struggled with this today.” When I think of something that might be interesting to write about, I’m too brain dead to come up with the words.

    The files are out now and hopefully MY life (As opposed to Mr W’s) will get more interesting.

  • LOL, Wiishu, you might really like girls. Give ’em a chance.

    Besides, think how cranky you feel sometimes when you first wake up. Now imagine how it would feel to wake up in a strange place, without any clothes on, with strangers staring at you. You’d probably be a little wary. It’s smart to be a little wary in a case like that.

    It’s good for you to be cautious too. But give it a chance to get to know them. There’s a big difference between cautious and really being mean.

    Greetings, Travelers. Elsewhere and Elsewhen, but not necessarily unfriendly. The house elf boy lacks experience…and perhaps could use a brush-up on manners…but he is as he is, it’s not a fault.


    Great slideshow, Jane and CJ! It’s not every day you get to see something you created come to life in a new manifestation.

  • Hanneke

    It’s lovely to see you’re enjoying yourself with Wiishu and the little House-Elf’s stories, and enhancing the pictures with sparklies & portal-glows, captions and text-balloons. With all the long hours of hard work you’ve been putting in on the files you’ve earned some playtime. Some distraction and relaxation are necessary for everyone, especially people who work 17-hour days from home.

    All your mails arrived in good order, and I’ve just downloaded all the new ZIP files. They look good. I’ll unpack them tomorrow, on Saint Nick’s Day, which is the Dutch day for getting presents from ‘Santa’/Saint Nicholas. I’d been a bit sad, as this was going to be the first year in nearly five decades without a family get-together for SantaClaus, with some presents and silly poems – and now I’ve got all your exiting new ZIP files to unpack. Perfect timing!
    Thank you!

  • Hanneke

    If you or CJ or Lynn could post a link to Closed Circle in John SCalzi’s blog at http://whatever.scalzi.com/2012/12/04/whatever-holiday-shopping-guide-2012-day-two-non-traditionally-published-books/#comments it might get some more book-buying customers to come to your webshop.
    There are a lot of posts already there (270 or more), but he does get a lot of traffic and someone really looking for something new to read or give for Christmas might well be willing to look through all these recommendations. It’s only open to the authors and editors themselves, so it would really have to be posted by one of the three of you.
    Fans can post on the 6th, and I’ll try that if someone else doesn’t do so first, but I expect that thread will be even more crowded.

    • Thanks for the heads up! Carolyn’s going to post something today.

      I’ve learned a lot of new tricks with the “SFX” of M&V’s arrival. Things that will be useful when I start doing the cell for the graphic! Yippee!

  • dhawktx

    *tongue firmly in cheek*

    Jane, it’s a real darn shame you don’t enjoy these little photostories! *grin*

      • Hate it. Booooring. (Not. :D) And I’ve still got picture fodder for at least three or four more! And we’re entering Christmas season. I’m so hosed…

        • My dear Jane, I am photo backlogged for YEARS past. I still haven’t posted Ki’s box opening from years ago. Health in general has stopped me periodically and the YEAR OF HELL completely stopped me from doing anything but freak out about being smoke poisoned and the neuropathy that appeared from that body abuse.

          Your writing is first, then you can play. Think of it as a reward for getting a weeks/months worth of writing done.

          Enjoying my Crew is cyclical for me. Sometimes, for months at a time, I just look at them and smile. Just having them surrounding me on the different shelves in the living room make me feel better, especially when I am in a flare or other recurring health issue. Other times they demand to be heard and I dress and play with them. I have a ‘stack’ of dolls needing faceups but I still love them and most have characters.

  • but I look forward to the next installment almost as eagerly as the next book in either of yours or CJ’s series. :mrgreen:

    • Ah, but as much as some of us enjoy the photostories, Jane’s writing muse is nagging her to work on her next book. Time to feed the muse chocolate. πŸ˜€

      I have been playing with dolls since 2006 and have dealt with my share of people getting in my face and telling me my dolls are creepy, scary, ugly and/or stupid. πŸ˜•

      Jane doesn’t need to lose readers so I understand we will be Wiishu-less for a while.

  • dhawktx

    That’s the slippery slope joekc6nix! At first they creep you out, then they are intriguing, then you start thinking of story lines, and they need xyz accessories for that frame, and… wheeeeeeee!

  • The big thing for me is, all the moves and the house and CC had eaten up so much of my time and energy, both physical and creative, all my characters had stopped talking to me. The novels take enormous concentration to pull the threads together for a daily session of writing that was always distracted by the needs of the house or CC.

    Wiishu’s stories, which come from new elements in my life that need to be dealt with anyway, evolve almost without thought. The photoshoots take a little time to shoot, but for the most part, I can put together the actual stories in the evening. It provided a most welcome creative break from the files business.

    Now the files are done, I’ve got to get the words flowing again. So: Morning for HomeComingGames and GT rewrites, afternoon for house cleanup and evening for Christmas decorating.

    Into which I’m certain Mr W will slip! πŸ˜€

    • The last thing I’d want to do is to keep Jane from writing. I understand why she’s doing the photoshoots, and I think it’s great therapy for her. Keeps the mind going, without having to try to figure out where this character is going in the next chapter.

      I’m not much for dolls, or as boys would call them, “action figures” πŸ˜• , I never had a G.I. Joe, although I’d contemplated buying one from the Navy Exchange that was dressed like a Navy Chief Petty Officer. But I can understand the fun you’re all having with them, and the photoshoots are a great way of sharing the fun with the rest of us.

      • Awww…love the little Santa jacket. I was making Wiishu elf pants when my stupid sewing machine DIED! Fancy Pffaf, has less than 100 hours on it, and it’s jamming. I’m infuriated. I’m very careful with it. Nothing, NOTHING I did should have caused it. No idea what it will cost to fix the stupid thing…

        And I gave up my reliable old Kenmore for this piece of garbage. Grrrr….

        So…the captain-crew remains nekkid, tho I’ve moved them back downstairs. They’ll keep each other warm, all in a box full of fur. Don’t even want to know what’s going on in there!

  • hard to believe a Pfaff machine died. Is it possible that something is out of adjustment? My ex-wife had a 1751 way back when…..they ain’t cheap, so you shouldn’t be having problems with them, as I always thought the workmanship was pretty good. Well, other people swear by Bernina machines….I have no idea, my mom used an old Singer Golden Touch ‘n Sew that she got in the 1960s.

    Captain and crew…hmmm, like as in crew quarters onboard Africa?

    • I have a $3000 Bernina and mechanically it’s a lemon. If I turn on a light close to it so I have more light to sew, it starts clicking and eventually stops working until it cools down. It’s been to the Bernina hospital twice for it, had parts replaced and it still clicks. It has a roller ball to get to all the menus and now it’s sticky so I have to fight the blasted thing. I don’t know if they even serve this model anymore. It’s one of the reasons I gave up sewing. I have a Necchi machine that can sew two layers of leather with a regular needle and a Singer that is cranky if you don’t make sure the tension is just so. I dumped a brand-new serger at Goodwill since I wasn’t sewing anymore and I hadn’t cracked open the box for years. It wasn’t a great serger and by the time I got rid of it the technology was MUCH better with threading and such.

  • Lyn

    Is the Pffaf still under warranty? Or is there an article somewhere on the web on how to adjust what might me out of whack? Am about to start reading Netwalkers, once I buy it for my husband for Christmas πŸ˜› Your free sample was wonderful in whetting (is that how to spell it?) my appetite for the series. As mentioned on the errata thread, much rather you write GT and do the Wishu and M&V therapy thing than fiddle with ebooks that are more professional than some publishers’ published books – error wise anyway.

  • Lyn

    😳 Didn’t mean they weren’t professional in every way, I was solely talking about errors in my comment.
    On a lighter note, just freaked out my husband with the Wishu M&V box opening. Don’t think he sees the appeal in house elfs, elves, whatever. Each to their own. He is going to love the Netwalkers duo I got him for Christmas, shhhh, he doesn’t know I am going to read it first. And not like a book, he will be none the wiser. :mrgreen:

  • No warranty, tho I would have taken the dumb thing back in the first month if I’d actually put it through its paces right away. As normal, I bought a piece of equipment then got distracted and didn’t really use it until after the warranty wore out. I got it a couple of years after we moved up here, so I’ve had it probably ten years. I just never had room to really do much with it. I’ve made a handful of simple clothes, some repair work, and now this little bit of sewing for the doll clothes.

    There’s no way normal wear and tear could account for it. I’ve blown it out adjusted tension, changed needles, tried different threads, oiled the bobbin hole, which is the only oiling it’s supposed to need…nothing seems to do any good. I’ll take it in and hope it’s not an arm and a leg to fix…but I just bought a bunch of new pressure feet for doing this tiny stuff, so I’m kinda bummed.

    Wiishu’s elf pants aside, poor M&V are still running around in their robes and the shinigami captains are nekkid.

    Lyn: I’m so glad you’re enjoying ‘NetWalkers! Sneak peeking! Another benny of ebooks! Bwahahahaha!

    I promise everyone: errata repair will not be allowed to consume my time! πŸ˜€ From what I understand, most of the big publishers’ ebooks are horrible. There’s really no excuse except they just don’t care enough or respect the readers and the books enough to take the time to do it right.

    I think a lot of people are…confused…by the fascination I have for Wiishu. That’s OK. I’m going to put up some picks of the conquests he’s made out in the real world. People whose working days are pretty much the same…until he shows up to make them smile.

    I think that’s kind of a cool super power. πŸ˜€

    • If you were not so busy writing I would suggest checking out a doll meetup in your area (check DOA meetup section), where talking dolls is the norm. At the last one I attended, it was an all day cookout/game day/doll chat & play/telling funny stories.

      For the longest time I carried Shuichi with me EVERYWHERE and while I don’t carry a doll all the time anymore (boss issues) I still grab one when we go to the grocery or shopping and I want to take some photos for fun.

      Next time y’all make it down I will put out a call for a meetup just for you, CJ, the Kids and Wiishu. We do it all the time. The DFW group is known for instant meetups when people contact us through DOA and say they’re coming in from out-of-state for various reasons. They have a doll or two with them, too!

      Some of my dearest doll friends live in San Francisco and I met them there when we visited!

    • Oh, yes, Wiishu has a super power by just being a Shiwoo. It is called being Shiwoozled and Shiwoos have the natural ability to charm anyone, no matter what size – 60cm, 42.5cm, 25cm or 15.5cm.

      I’m serious. I did not make up the word Shiwoozled.

      Also, we are slaves to our Shiwoos. If you find the sculpt database for Minifee Shiwoos you will see it is called “MiniFee Shiwoos and their Slaves”. :mrgreen:

  • pholy

    ENOUGH about the dolls already! πŸ˜€

    Can we talk horses for a while? – And science, too! Woot!
    Another favourite author posted this link today: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/notrocketscience/2012/08/29/one-gait-keeper-gene-allows-horses-to-move-in-unusual-ways/#.UMJM2vkv-iI – A facinating article and fascinating links in it, too. I’m still not quite sure what ‘racking’ is, so I’ll have to do more digging.

    J/K about the dolls… They’re cute, and you guys (Shiwoo Slaves?) are doing really interesting things with them. It’s fun watching you play.

    • I will answer your horse question! From Wikipedia: The rack or racking is a lateral gait most commonly associated with the Five-Gaited American Saddlebred. In the rack, the speed is increased to be approximately that of the pace, but it is a four-beat gait with equal intervals between each beat.

      Riding a horse who can rack (or tâlt) is a dream ride. It’s fast and smooth. I have been on a five-gater Saddlebred and even when it’s not gating it is the smoothest horse, even trotting!

      Thanks for the article! I may not ride anymore, but I am still fascinated by horses.

  • Pholy, that is SO COOL! It definitely explains why pacers are so valuable as sulky-racing stock! I’m passing it on to my geneticist sister and Patty Briggs. They’ll love it.

    I’ve not been providing much for people to discuss, have I? I’ll try to be more interesting! πŸ˜€

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