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The much anticipated M&V box opening: part one.

Wiishu was in fine form. Enjoy!

New material added Saturday, Dec. 1

Snoopy Happy Dance

The files are updated. They’re on the Amazon server. We’re testing the links now. MailChimp is ready to send out new links to all our wonderful readers. LIFE IS GOOD! You should be receiving emails with new links (a separate email for every product you’ve purchased) some time in the next week. We’re limited in […]

A Much Overdue Thankyou!

Martha, darlin’, I’m sorry it took so long to fit this in! This, folks, is another prezzie Mr W got this fall. Way back before my birthday! But it created one of my favorite photostories! Enjoy!

mood: bummed

The revamped files are done. The amazon secure storage is set up. The files are up. The pointers changed…and the auto link generator still doesn’t work. Worse, an attempt to extract the customer files in a cvs file to use mail chimp to send links…is giving me an unrecognizable file.

No idea what’s going on […]

Happy Turkey-day...from the Kids

The Grand Opening will take a while to put together, but I must introduce you to the Kids. The first pic is how they arrived…well, not the robes. Morgaine had dark purple eyes and Vanye dark grey. I’d already gotten pale grey for M and golden-brown for Vanye. I traded them out, then I swiped […]

Soon, brat, real soon...

The wait for M&V continues…

The Climactic Final Episode!

A plethora of prezzies…part six! (Must get it up before M&V take over the house! Wait’ll you see his final package!


(Don’t tell our resident kolohe, but the kids arrived about ten minutes ago. I’m stashing them away until Thanksgiving. I should have the files done and the place cleaned up for the grand arrival.)

The Watch Continues...

Let’s have more fun.

Pholy, BCS...and any other CSS savvy reader...

FIXED! The final word: The stupid app has a default that you have to flick in order to see the PUBLISHER’S formatting. Who ever heard of defaulting to UGLY!?! Worse, said default switch is hidden in the DICTIONARY option!

Shame, B&N. Shame shame shame shame shame.