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The Wesser Strikes Again

If there’s a way for him to get me, he’ll do it. Whether it’s shifting the head on an HDD or zapping a computer. He’s determined to maintain his badboy mystique. HOWEVER! I have succeeded in copyrighting ‘NetWalkers. His exposure is ensured! Hmmm…perhaps the internet itself s/b afraid….

There we were, innocently filling out government e-paperwork, paying our pound of flesh, uploading our files…Ygenie…no problem. Deliberations…no problem. ‘NetWalkers…server timeout at payment that appeared to have stopped all access to the case number! We could see it, but we couldn’t get at it to finish payment and upload! Oh, the horrors, the panic! The stupidity. Get online with the copyright office and they say: login and hit the shopping cart button.

Oh…the shame. I can just see that blond-headed tode sitting in the corner sniggering. Grrrrrrrr….

You’ll get yours, Smith! Tomorrow…everyone in the universe will know you’re a fake! Bwahahahahaha!

3 comments to The Wesser Strikes Again

  • Just don’t feed the computer oatmeal and you’ll be fine! …Yes, many moons ago, some friends’ little boy put oatmeal in their VCR “because it was hungry.”

    So see, you’re OK!

    I’m way low on sleep, but I found some files I thought long lost, and I can salvage the outlines and some more. Feeling pretty good about that. — Really wish I could find a backup of some old, old Fontographer source files, but I think those really are gone. That means redrawing from scratch. I will get started soon, though.


    I will be restarting my read-through on the first NW book. Things got out of whack here and it and all else went by the wayside. I was somewhere after Stephen has encountered the horse and they’ve discovered the activist brother has a memory block, with a second or shadow access I guessed. But I’ve forgotten details, and to follow what happens further, I’ll need to Reread.

  • Remember, this is a prequel! Letting the original series just sit in the background of your brain is probably a good thing!

    Chronologically, the order is:

    Netwalkers (Partners and Of Mentors and Mimetrons)
    GroundTies (and eventually WildCards)
    UpLink (and eventually Nexus)
    Harmonies (eventually ColdFusion)

    and then the one I’m working on now, Homecoming Games

  • Oh, check your email. I sent photos!

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