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‘NetWalkers will be up October 24!

I was waiting to hear from a friend who specializes in salvaging careers before taking the leap, but he’s been sick and really busy and I just don’t want to wait any longer, so…in honor of the day I first began writing the GroundTies Saga, it will be going up. For that day only, the first half, Partners, will be available for FREE! Yes, free!

Carolyn’s Yvgenie and her Foreigner short, Deliberations, will also go up that day, so save your pennies for a CC orgy!

Meantime, I’ve been playing with little Wiishu, but I fear I was scaring people off with him. For those of you who get a kick out of his adventures, the slideshows tab above will get you to his diary.

12 comments to ‘NetWalkers will be up October 24!

  • You had better relax and have a good day when they’re released. I know what day that is! 😈 :mrgreen:

  • Actually, I’ll be on pins and needles for the next month. I’ve never had a book I wanted out more and never had one I’ve been more nervous about reader reaction. Sigh…I really was not psychologically designed for this business….

    But, yeah, I’ll probably spend the whole day with Wiishu and company. Some of my prezzies have arrived already, but they’re really for him (which I knew they would be) so I’m wrapping them up in tiny packages for him to open.

    I know you all think I’ve lost my mind, but we’ve had so many smiles around this place since he arrived, I’m not questioning the effect!

    Today, after a morning of file conversion, we head down to Coach Joan’s house to help her recover some kitchen chairs, partly for repayment for taking care of the place while we went to Dallas, but mostly cuz we love her and want to help. She doesn’t sew, so I’m packing up the machine and the cutting board…and crossing my fingers cuz I’ve never done what I plan to do either! 😀 Hope it’s as simple as I think it will be…

    Famous last words….Maybe we should head out an hour or so early! 😀

  • Best wishes and what the heck, enjoy life. Too much that’s not good in the world; a little chance to make it better couldn’t hurt any.

    Looking forward to the new books by you and CJ.

  • I’ll have to pop out to nab a copy! 🙂

    Just started the first NW this morning!

    Boo! Too bad about Wiishu scaring off people.

  • Don’t know that he has. CJC’s blog has been a bit slow lately, too. We’ve got to improve our song and dance, I guess! 😀 Also…I haven’t been posting nearly enough about anything interesting. I’m so swamped, I just feel like nobody could possibly be interested! 😀

  • Improving your song and dance?

    Eushu in a witch hat running on his wheel! Eushu eating said witch hat! Seishi as a skeleton, lying about the place! Wiishu the mighty pirate battling a sea monster! The koi doing the gangham style dance!

  • Isharell

    Well I for one will be sorry not to see the little guy up front and center whenever I click on the site. Yes, he does breed smiles, doesn’t he?
    And I’ll definitely be getting the new books – but I can’t/won’t be reading them till December, after Nanowrimo in November. Must stay focussed!

  • Onna: Gangham style fish-dance! the mind boggles!

    Isharell: I guess I was just expecting a bit more reaction, if people were enjoying him! OK! You’ll all still be afflicted with him! 😀

  • Isharell

    goodie! and that’s a lesson to me, to lurk less, and speak out when I like something. I just hate to bother folks… it’s horrid, being shy. 😡 –and since I’m here I have to say, I love that cover you’re using as your icon right now. Isnt’ that the new books cover? forgive the stupid question, but I’m doing budget here at work and my brain has fried. 😐

  • Isharell

    speaking of icons, I hate the one I have right now but I have to say that’s pretty much how I feel after a hard day crunching numbers.

  • For your avatar…are you set up with gravatar? It should show up here if you are. Otherwise, you get the weird little created guy.

    And, yes, mine is the new cover for Partners, the first part of ‘NetWalkers which I’m giving away for one day only starting in…hmmm…5.5 hours! 😀 The Omnibus has both the other covers in the interior.

    And Wiishu just had another photoshoot last night and tonight. I just haven’t gotten it up yet! His Momma-D sent him more prezzies!

  • onna did what? *blinks innocently*

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