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A Plethora of Prezzies…day two

Taken me a while, but here’s the next installment.

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Just When You Think it was Fixed...

UPDATE: I can’t believe this. It’s 1:08 in the effin’ AM and I just got through ANOTHER adjustment of that file! The auto download is still screwed and I went to send someone new links…and for some reason the epub looked…wrong. I checked the expletive deleted meta and the author name was still wrong! this […]

Too Many Packages!

How many ways can you open a package? Little Mr W keeps finding new ones. He’s had an embarrassment of riches the last week. This…is the first installment. jQuery(‘#ngg-slideshow-9514ebf1d9e975efbca45f644be9e553-6280635270-image-list’).hide().removeClass(‘ngg-slideshow-nojs’); jQuery(function($) { jQuery(‘#ngg-slideshow-9514ebf1d9e975efbca45f644be9e553-6280635270’).nggShowSlideshow({ id: ‘9514ebf1d9e975efbca45f644be9e553’, fx: ‘fade’, width: 600, height: 600, domain: ‘http://www.janefancher.com/HarmoniesOfTheNet/’, timeout: 8000 }); });


The books are posted, the site’s new pages are all in place, it’s 2am…and I’m wired for sound. Just played a hand of majhong with the nice soothing music and it’s helped calm the nerves. Maybe I’ll get some sleep now.

Have fun with the new books, everybody!

The Wesser Strikes Again

If there’s a way for him to get me, he’ll do it. Whether it’s shifting the head on an HDD or zapping a computer. He’s determined to maintain his badboy mystique. HOWEVER! I have succeeded in copyrighting ‘NetWalkers. His exposure is ensured! Hmmm…perhaps the internet itself s/b afraid….

There we were, innocently filling out government […]

Last minute crazies…

I’m trying to prep Yvgenie. Nice, simple file. S/b simple.

Ha! I’ve decided I really like the font, Sherwood, with the small caps for the letters after the leading cap. I get the file all done. Looks good. Bring it up in Adobe Digital Reader…and no Sherwood font. Two hours later I figure out: ADR […]

‘NetWalkers will be up October 24!

I was waiting to hear from a friend who specializes in salvaging careers before taking the leap, but he’s been sick and really busy and I just don’t want to wait any longer, so…in honor of the day I first began writing the GroundTies Saga, it will be going up. For that day only, the […]

Adding DRM free books to your IPad

I don’t know if this works for books you’ve purchased from Kindle or B&N, but for those, you s/b able to access your store “cloud” through the Kindle or B&N apps and pull them down onto the IPad. But for those all important Closed Circle books:

Wiishu got another package today

And the sad thing is, We can’t figure out who sent it! Wiishu and CJ and I all want to say thanks and we don’t know who to tell! But it was sent here to Wishu Fancher-Cherryh, so it’s someone who both knows our address and knows he’s in the Fancher-Cherryh household! Please! If you […]

The Palin Plague: I couldn’t say it better

From David Hancock and CBS news:

No Bristol bashing here.

Look not on this page, dear reader, for poison prose about the girl from Alaska who keeps rolling over more talented competitors.

No tirade about the unfairness of a world that rewards the barely competent over the gifted.

If you’re looking for barbs about a […]