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New Fishies!

Update: I’ve added a few pics of the larger fish so you can see the relative sizes.

Carolyn made the mistake a couple of weeks ago about saying we neededΒ  Stevie and Wesley fishes. Now, we had one that I thought was really more of a Wesley than a Yoroichi, brilliant orange-gold and black. but I couldn’t imagine an appropriate Stevie fish. He’s the moon to Wesley’s sun. He’s cool and mystical. I’d never seen a koi I would think of as ‘Netly, so-to-speak. Then…Carolyn sent me off to the fish store in search of dechlorinator…and there he was. Long-finned, ethereal, and two-toned blue, with the brightest blue I’ve ever seen on a koi. Usually “blue” is a cool grey. Well…it was all CJC’s fault. She suggested it. I called and asked was it OK if I spent too much on a koi, and she said go for it. He’s just a six-incher, so not as expensive as “special” koi can be, but he’s our most expensive to date. If that eagle comes anywhere near him, we’ll have eagle for Thanksgiving! πŸ˜€ Anyway…here’s pix not only of Stephen and Wesley, but our other babies as well. The black and white is Ishida, and the black/white/orange is Grant. We should have a pretty stunning “pod” next year!

17 comments to New Fishies!

  • Raesean

    The fish look great! The two-tone blue of your new Netley is amazingly striking. I hadn’t realized how big some of your fish have gotten. Our two (our of three) goldfish, who lived for a summer in our much smaller water garden, are now living inside in our 10 gallon tank and only 3-4 inches long after three or more years with us.

  • TabbyCat

    Beautiful beautiful fishies. And your anti-eagle lines should keep the big guy away, which is good; he is apt to be tough and stringy as a Thanksgiving entree, not very appetizing. Although you could braise him in chicken broth . . . πŸ˜†

  • The babies are supposedly “6 inches” or around that, so that gives you an idea how large Ari is! We got Stephen as a 6 incher (the specials they don’t sell as fingerlings), the other babies we got earlier this summer at about three inches and they’re already as large as Stephen!

    Yeah…hopefully that eagle will keep away. He’d be pretty tough.

  • Hanneke

    It’s nice that Stevie and Wesley are similar in size; they look well together. Just about the two most strongly contrasting colours, the fiery Wesser and cool Stephen, but in size and shape they fit.
    You’ve got your pondwater very nice and clear, to be able to take these pictures, with even the stones on the bottom clear. The fishes look quite tame, not diving when you get near to take a picture, and quite contented safe under their anti-eagle fishlines.
    Is Maddy about the same size as Ari? She’s grown quite huge, in just a few years!

  • We bought Wesley earlier this summer as about a four inch fingerling. Stevie was one of those “special” fish they hang onto an extra couple of months until they’re six inches so they can charge three times as much and get away with it. (That blue is REALLY rare. I’ve never seen another close to that bright.) He’s still very shy, tending to hang back during feeding. Babies like we have normally gotten spend their lives in BIG schools. He would have been separated out to a “special” tank very young. But he’s learning!

    Carolyn has really gotten the water under control. A sludge remover actually broke down the buildup on the bottom from previous years, a chemical that binds certain chemicals the string algae lives on has starved it out of existence and regular water changes with a touch of algae killer has done the rest. It’s GORGEOUS! And best of all, the several times a day cleaning of the filter is a thing of the past!

    Maddy has definitely grown. She was one of our second year group, but she’s definitely caught up to the first years, like Renji and Kenpachi, and passed Denys. If something were to happen to Ari, I imagine Maddy would become the dominant fish. Right now, (discounting butterfly fins) she’s still a bit smaller even than Kenpachi, but she’s very bold and forward. She’s the one the babies tended to flock to when Ari was out. I’ll try to get a pic of her and Ari together.

  • CJ

    We also need one of Kenpachi as he was and his brilliant new suit of clothes this year—you wouldn’t think it was the same fish.

  • http://www.janefancher.com/HarmoniesOfTheNet/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/fishiecloseup.jpg

    Kenny is the one on the very bottom of the pic. This is the day the original batch came home.

  • Such variety and beauty, no wonder the Japanese admire koi so much.

    The new blue is something, and goes nicely with the red-gold copper, black, white, and reds.

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    I can’t believe how clear the water is now. Such a change from the turbid soup that it has been at times!

    How is My Big Fat Ari today / tonight?

  • Beautiful photos…..and beautiful fish. How do you manage to get them so clearly? I’ve been using them as models….love the fin action and the colors.

    We have had about two dozen baby goldfish appear in the last two weeks. Between the movement of the waterfall and the fish movements it’s hard to get them in focus. I’ve been shooting a lot and keeping the best……the wonders and joys of digital cameras!

    We are envying and loving the clarity of your water! Ours is clearing slowly but surely, however, we may go with your products next spring.

    Eventually we may get some koi, but right now we are enjoying the silliness and variety of the goldfish. They range in size from about an inch to about eight inches.

  • Carolyn’s clear water helps a lot. It lets the camera focus on the rocks…when it’s not focusing on the ripples. Getting the angle of the sun right is tough. I put up about 50% of what I take. I also use the zoom lens rather than getting really close. I think that gives a little bit more leeway in the auto focus. But I also do two PSP operations pretty much automatically. The “local tone mapping” which ups contrast on a very localized comparison, and “curves” which darkens the image in a non-linear fashion. Again, I’m shooting a bit blind because my screen is so bright, but I’m also using the TV as a monitor and it’s a bit more “true.” I’m going to need to adjust all my covers using it. Sigh…

    As for the water…Once CJC got the sludge from the previous three years out of the system…with sludge remover and lots of water changes, the combo of algae preventative, which keeps the string algae from growing, water changes and the occasional light dose algae killer seems to really be doing the trick. I’m sooooo happy. She was cleaning the filter several times a day…I would sometimes, but nothing like what she did…and now…it’s every few days! YAYYAY

    Goldfish are adorable. Do you have some of the cute fat ones? We had one in the pool in my office down in OKC that was priceless. I’ve been thinking of suggesting we get one, but not sure what CJC would think! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • Xheralt

    I seem to recall that some of the colors we are seeing are possible only with koi raised in American waters; the same fry, raised in Japan’s waters, turn out differently. But yours would be the envy of any garden around the world. Points for us (or US if you want to be technical) I guess.

    • I had no idea! I wonder what the difference in the water is. Maybe we need to be careful or he might fade!!!!! I just hope he stays healthy and winters well. He’s a very shy eater, which worries me a little. They need to get fat for winter hibernation!

  • Xheralt

    One also wholly understands the willingness to splurge for this acquisition.

  • Hanneke

    Wow! Ari is really huge!
    Is she still healing OK, back in the big pond?

    • She certainly seems to be! She’s eating like a pig and flying about, so she feels good. Whether the hole fills in or not remains to be seen, but all the raw edges are gone and haven’t come back since she got released. Fingers crossed, everyone! (Virtually-speaking. Hard to type if you actually cross them. af;ld;avamram)

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