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Wiishu's New Toy

I knew I’d saved this for a reason…

He’s also got a dreadnaught guitar! But it needs a strap before he can play it.

I got these probably fifteen years ago at a con. I intended them for Wesley, but he can’t play them. Wiishu can.

Wiishu's New Clothes

Dear Momma-D,

So much has been happening! Virshu got loose and ran all over Uncle David’s house, and we drove all over the world and I met pretty ladies, and now I’m home and it’s real big with lots of cool stuff! Mom’s taken lots and lots of pitures, but hasn’t been able to put […]

Wishu's Letter to MamaD: Day One

Dear Mama-D.

It’s been a whole day since I comed t’ live with Mom, and I know you’ll be worryin’, so I’m sending you some pitures to show you what a great time I’m having!

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Disappearing Gravatars

UPDATE: Found the culprit. Wordbooker! So…again, no echos of posts to FaceBook. I wish I could find a SIMpLE blog post/FB echo plugin. This one has way too many silly options for people who spend far more time on this stuff than I do.

I’m officially trying to figure out what happened. I did an […]

New Fishies!

Update: I’ve added a few pics of the larger fish so you can see the relative sizes.

Carolyn made the mistake a couple of weeks ago about saying we needed Stevie and Wesley fishes. Now, we had one that I thought was really more of a Wesley than a Yoroichi, brilliant orange-gold and black. but […]


Officially bummed. Okay…the ladies’ results make sense. Three very strong dancers, but Whitney has never been able to shed that touch of pole dancer sexuality that she brings to everything. It’s a shame, because she’s amazingly talented. But Eliana and Tiffany are a-ma-zing.

The guys…I’m really a bit PO’d about it. It’s not that I […]