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Lynn Abbey joins Kindle!

The Orion’s Children books are up! Go ye forth and leave glowing reviews!

orion-out-of-time_400 behind-time_400
 orion-taking-time_400  orion-down-time_400

(How y’all likin’ them new covers, eh?)


5 comments to Lynn Abbey joins Kindle!

  • ready4more

    Yeah, Hurray! I’ll leave my reviews over the weekend when I’m not at work…. (Good covers by the way-just my conception of a college librarian)

  • WOL

    Next month’s book budget is already blown, alas. So many books, so little dough.

  • I like them better. As I said elsewhere, possibly on WWAS, the old covers look like you’re looking down the throat of a huge space beast, like the Doomsday Machine on the old Star Trek, or perhaps down the mouth of a sandworm on Dune. I think the new covers are a lot clearer, too, as to which book is which, as I had trouble figuring it out from the downloaded copies I got before. Ya done good, Jane!

  • ready4more

    On another tack… WAHH, Cole got eliminated last night on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, but they still have Cyrus and Chehon. At least Tiffany and Eliana are the final two ladies. It really has been hard to decide my favorite lady. Although Eliana is both expressive and a fine technician, Tiffany has that spark! Her routines last night were all special. But on the other hand, so were Eliana’s. I’m so conflicted. Of the men, Chehon really shone last night. I love Cyrus doing his own style, but otherwise , MEH. The choreographers have been really kind to him, but his skills in most of the dances are just so, so. Even Chehon has problems with the ballroom types, whereas Cole seemed like a chameleon, able to adapt to any style. Oh well, that’s what we get when we let the public at large make a dance contest into a popularity contest instead. I think this may be my last season watching SYTYCD.

  • Read this after I made my post: as you can see, I totally agree. I actually haven’t said much about the competition because I’ve been so ticked off at the “protect Cyrus” approach.

    I actually just got through watching it a few minutes ago. We record it and watch without commercials, and CJC had a headache last night, so we waited til tonight. But I’m so incredibly sorry to see Cole go. He’s the only one who hasn’t had a single bad performance all season, and most have been outstanding.

    I think he’s suffered a bit from the choreographers seeing someone who can do these twisted characters, and no one ever giving him a sensitive routine that let people fall in love with him. I think he’s the best thing they’ve had on the show since Travis.

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