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New Seeking North at last!!!!

Lynn has finally completed her novelette! YAY. Go ye forth and enjoy! Seeking North: Our Story Thus Far

For those of you new to the project, this is just us goofing off with characters in a world we’re making up as we go along. We have no idea what’s going to happen. Plan? What’s a plan? you can read online or download a mobi or epub file with tables of content and everything! Carolyn’s part is next. My poor lad has been languishing in jail for, like, a year now, cus I can’t get him out until I know where CJC’s characters are and she couldn’t do anything until we knew where Lynn was leaving Deke!  WAH! What a crazy year! But Lynn’s piece is up and it’s a nice loooooong one!


3 comments to New Seeking North at last!!!!

  • mitha

    Golly, I thought I would jump in and see what happens next, but I have forgotten enough of what has already happened that I guess I’ll have to start over from the beginning! Not that that is really so terribly onerous a task… 😆

  • Heh heh! I’m still waiting to see what CJC does so I know if I have to leave my lad sitting in jail for another round. If her lads don’t get to Prosperity, I’m not sure what my story’s going to be! Not even sure what I’m going to do with them even if they do get there!?!

  • Off topic.

    Just dropping into say Hi! :wub:

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