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Lynn Abbey joins Kindle!

The Orion’s Children books are up! Go ye forth and leave glowing reviews!

(How y’all likin’ them new covers, eh?)



Bald Eagle sends author to loony bin…

Film at eleven.

Most of you have already heard from CJ’s site that the eagle has figured out the rings and made another deadly raid on the pond. Well, this is how the morning looked from my end:

A little background: I’m working on the sequel to Harmonies of the ‘Net. I’d gotten about the […]

Project Runway: Do the RIGHT THING

a) Give that arrogant SOB a public dressing down.

b) Give that poor woman a complete Michael Kors wardrobe!

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, PR did its “real client” show this week and big boy Vin, who has admittedly been one of the more impressive (and definitely the most self-important) […]

Leave God out of it....

I have tremendous respect for religion of all kinds. It serves a vital psychological function in a healthy society. I have my own, quite strong, spiritual beliefs. However despite what all the endless God=patriot forwards circulating the email waves would have us believe, (not to mention Mitt’s newest idiocy (Romney said recently that the Founders […]

Dressage Finals: Found!

I’m sure they were somewhere on the regular broadcast: they’ve been good about broadcasting equestrian events and talking about the final all week, but I couldn’t find it, so…Yay for streaming! We have a convention this weekend (SpoCon) and not sure when we’ll get another chance, so we’re taking this AM to watch. I so […]

Curiosity has landed!

Tooo cool.

I don’t know whether I’m more moved by the tech that so smoothly set it down on Mars or the tech that brought it live into our living room.

Thank you, Nasa people, for letting us share the moment. Thank you computer programming and techy people for making it possible. Time to pop […]

New Seeking North at last!!!!

Lynn has finally completed her novelette! YAY. Go ye forth and enjoy! Seeking North: Our Story Thus Far

For those of you new to the project, this is just us goofing off with characters in a world we’re making up as we go along. We have no idea what’s going to happen. Plan? What’s a […]