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Carolyn's Beautiful Water...

…with fishes.

All Carolyn’s hard work has paid off! She’s tried so many different things to get the pond clear and she’s finally found the answer. Interpet’s Pond Balance and MicrobeLift Sludge Remover. Interpet is a British company. But pictures, as they say, so…here: Clear water…complete with fishes, reflections…and a little feathered visitor.

7 comments to Carolyn’s Beautiful Water…

  • Wow the pond is gorgeous! The water is so clear it looks like your guys are flying in night. Do you have a web address or way of contacting your supplier?
    Our pond is not happy!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY U.S.A.! Hope you enjoy the day. :cheerful:

  • Levanah10

    Smartcat, you said it first! (My exact instant reaction: “Oh, wow, that’s gorgeous!” 🙂 Gorgeous is the word for your waterworld, folks (“pond” is just too drab a noun), and I hope you spend many many hours sitting and enjoying it!

  • CJ

    You can get those items from Amazon. Pond Balance is not cheap…but since it replaces UV filtration and fairly spendy other stuff like algae killer and clarifier, it pretty well works out. We have 5000 gallons that uses 3 cups a week, and, starting with absolute thick pea soup, with the problems you know, looks like it’s going to take us 2 of the big packages a season. The MicrobeLift Sludge Remover is going to be 1-2 gallons a season: you use less, and it’s also a cheaper product that you use when you see a need. Pond Balance will absolutely do in string algae, and it does a number on the floating green particulate sort as well. We can now go two days on one filter clean, and when we started it would clog every 30 minutes, so we had to prop the filter screen up at night. Plus now our lilies are happy and growing, with stems clear of algae and with sunlight reaching their hearts. The Pond Balance is not an algaecide in the usual sense: it’s a ‘remover’ of a ‘nutrient the algae needs’…probably one heckuva phosphate remover plus ph balance: they don’t say what it actually does, except that it doesn’t hurt other plants, but it doesn’t make algae happy. We had a 3 year buildup of crud on the bottom, and right now, there’s just nothing to speak of…that’s the sludge remover. We lost some fishes due to using it with low circulation; we fixed our waterfall, and we are now as you see, ahead of the game, caught up on 3 years accumulation of crud, and algae no longer contributes its insane amount of biomass to the sludge problem. So one cures the other: less sludge = less algae food; less algae = less stuff sinking to the bottom to rot into sludge and start the cycle over, ergo less need of the Pond Balance. I am almost certain that the fish losses were due to the sludge remover, which takes up oxygen, combined with the bad situation with the clog in the waterfall. Now that that’s running freely, we’re good, and fishes are healthy and getting sunlight and high oxygen.

  • TabbyCat

    What incredibly beautiful fish, in crystal clear water.

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    Of all the fish and pond photos — these are the very best. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Oh, those are lovely. Gorgeous. Si beaux.

    From the perfect koi to the perfect water to the flowers and the one bird, ah, very nice.

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