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Coverage controversy

Again, it wouldn’t be the Olympics without it. The link Green Wyvern posted makes a very good point about the American coverage that has driven many of us crazy for years: censoring for what they perceive as a very American-centric viewership. (And I include the whole “medal count” garbage in that complaint) Back when they […]

It wouldn’t be the Olympics without a judging controversy

What’s this nonsense about only two from a country moving on to the indi-all-around in gymnastics?!? That’s nuts. Individual all-around has nothing to do with country. It’s the top all around gymnasts in the world, period.

While I’m at it, I’m going to get controversial for a minute about the whole idea of team competitions. […]

Olympics coverage comes into its own...at last...

If you’re like me, over the years you’ve taped and skimmed hours and hours of olympic basketball coverage for a glimpse of, say, dressage, or that wonderful equestrian event that involves drawing a horse from a lot and taking it on a cross country course your first time on its back. (Don’t even remember what […]

The Reason to Watch Am's Got Talent

I REALLY want to see this guy’s concert.

Amazing what a bit of sand and a lightbulb can do. This guy gives me chills and makes me sniffle every time I see him.

The rest I can pretty much take or leave. Basically, I record and fast forward for about 15 minutes of […]

Intuit Drives Me Crazy Once Again

I dread being reduced to calling for customer service anymore. All too often, the powers-that-be of a company are putting pressure on their service people to hard-sell either new products or service I don’t want. Case in point:

We’re upgrading the office machine to Win7 via my old laptop that just got back from HP […]

SYTYCD 2012 gets underway…

With some serious fire. It’s a good top 20 but there are real standouts this first night of competition, none of which are a surprise, after the tryouts and Vegas Week. The star for me, from the time I first saw him, is Cole, the luscious Asian martial arts/dancer. Stunning. Strong. FAST. I haven’t been […]

Fun With GLGs…the Fruits of my Labors

I’ve had such a hard couple of days….prettifying my gorgeous Wesley and JP for their cover. My oh my…life is hard. Well, I’ve done other useful things, but this… Yummy!



Carolyn's Beautiful Water...

…with fishes.

All Carolyn’s hard work has paid off! She’s tried so many different things to get the pond clear and she’s finally found the answer. Interpet’s Pond Balance and MicrobeLift Sludge Remover. Interpet is a British company. But pictures, as they say, so…here: Clear water…complete with fishes, reflections…and a little feathered visitor.

July 3rd, 2012 | Category: Fishies, Garden SS, The Pond | 7 comments