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'NetWalkers edit is DONE DONE DONE!

Sorry for the silence, everyone. This book has been so cursed. Every time I’ve tried to do an edit, something has come up that had to take precedence. I was determined it wasn’t going to happen this time, so since we got back from Dallas, I’ve just kept my head down and worked until it was done.

It was a very fun but futsy edit. Carolyn did her first read-through of it in years just before the Dallas trip. She added a couple of nuances that I really liked, but this book is so incredibly interwoven and everything I do in it affects the other books in the series…which I still have to do a final edit on…and if I took her up on these ideas, it subtly affected both infoflow and how I’d word certain things throughout.

Added to the fun, I’ve not felt well since we got back, and been having disturbingly weird dreams, which makes it even more difficult to concentrate.  Turns out (a) I react psychoactively to something in the hair-spritzer CJC has begun using… and which I swiped cuz it makes your hair do cool things. Easy fix to the dreams: Wash it out. 😀 The increasing malaise was  the filter on the ice-maker going bad. It finally went catastrophic on the day I should have finished the edit. By that evening, I was doubled over with gut pain and ready to call an ambulance… except I’d been suspecting the water filter and my head-down edit mode had been putting off doing something about it. I stayed away from the ice, finally got my gut settled, made it through the night and… first thing the next morning, went and got a new filter.

Fortunately, I picked up a spare, cuz the first one I tried to put in was defective. Leaked like the proverbial sieve. Yucko. Anyway, we picked up a bag-o-ice, and between that and our now-filtered ice… I’m healed! Perfectly happy tummy.

Anyway, sometime in there, I did finish the edit and I’m now going to start putting the file together. So hopefully, very soon now, there will be new stuff up on Closed Circle! You all are required to LOVE this book! Childbirth has nothing on the pain I’ve gone through to produce it!!!!!

Meantime…I’ve got some pics for you. I’ll get some from the convention… which was fun! but for now, lets do flowers.

We got home to a rain-battered mass of peonies and iris. Mostly, Carolyn’s father’s favorite, wabash, had gone totally berserk! We unloaded the car, then I went out in the rain and rescued what I could. Since then, my breaks from sitting and staring at the kindle or the computer screen have been going out to try and tame a garden gone crazy with the coolish and damp spring. All can say is THANK GOD for the garden angels who put in my paths before we left or we’d be knee-deep in weeds.

We’ve gotten a few new things, and made a major haul yesterday that necessitated my getting out and moving lots of plants this AM. I was promised rain, but I think that forecast was actually for my dripping sweat!

Lessee…let’s start with the bouquets from the garden so far:

13 comments to ‘NetWalkers edit is DONE DONE DONE!

  • chondrite

    Wow, those apricot colored peonies are something else, and I am quite jealous of your irises! Your house must smell remarkable.

  • mitha

    Oh, beautiful! I so love peonies! We don’t have any at this house…yet. Fixing that problem has just moved up on the to-do list. And the blue-swirl glass vase is perfect – was it made specifically for peonies?

    Congratulations on completing the final edit – and best wishes for good dreams and a happy tummy.

    • Heh heh…it’s a martini glass. Came in one of those special gift boxes with some kind of gin. I don’t do gin, but our coach loves gin and tonic, so… since we needed to have some gin in the house, why not get a toy with it! Those are just floating. Cut the stem very short…actually tend to last longer.

  • Your peonies are simply gorgeous. They remind me of ladies in the late nineteenth century early twentieth century paintings….an impressionist’s dream. Someday I will try them again…..earlier efforts failed.

    • Thanks! Pure luck…and I think they like being around the pond. Probably helps regulate temp and humidity. Certainly the mini roses adore it back there! We’ve got a one peony that hasn’t bloomed that I put in the same year as the two that bloom their heads off. I’m thinking, from what folks have been saying here, that I’ve got it buried too deeply. I’m going to try clearing away some of the soil. Fingers crossed.

  • P.S. I need to change my avatar and have forgotten how…I know there is info on this, but can’t find it. Help…anyone?

  • @smartcat — I believe you’ll need to go to gravatar.com and into their settings, then upload or choose a new avatar there. Then it propagates to WordPress. At least, that’s how I remember it. IIRC, if you have multiple avatar pics, you choose which goes where or which is currently active.


    Jane, very glad to hear the edit’s done and you’re getting the chance at last to get the ebook done. Very good news there. Even better news that you’re feeling better.

    Those flowers are wonderful. I also noticed the little lion figurine in one photo.

    • The lion is actually the lion from Wizard of Oz. I’ve got Dorothy and Toto, the lion, tin man and scarecrow. They were a set of Christmas decorations, but they make nice little springtime (the time of tornadoes! :D) setabouts. I think you can see them all in the one with the full mantle, but maybe I’ll go do a little slideshow of the current setabouts.

      Thanks for explaining, BCS! I hope gravatars are now showing here. I deactivated the plugin that was preventing them some time ago…when I went over onto the Atahualpa theme. If you had put up a blog-specific avatar before, it won’t show now.

      I’ll go make sure it’s set up to show gravatars.

  • WOL

    I got the first version of the Netwalker trio off Amazon Kindle Store, started the first one, and ended up gulping all three of them right down in one long marathon read — hadn’t planned it that way — I just could not put them down! I think I’m going to force myself to wait until all three are reedited, (like I am with the Russalka books) and then clear enough runway in my schedule to do all three at once — because if I don’t, when I get the first book read, I will go into major withdrawal until the next book is available, rinse and repeat, etc . . .

    Interesting that you react psychoactively to hair product (perfume? or “herbal extract?”). When I take acetaminophen or ibuprofen, I have very vivid and kinda weird dreams.

    • :wub: Glad you enjoyed them. I actually would kind of recommend that. They’re really one big long story!

      OTOH, NetWalkers is all new. It’s the prequel…Wesley’s time at the academy. In a way, it’ll stand alone, tho it’ll put a whole new twist on the other three! Everything that’s in them is still valid.

      NetWalkers is actually one of the most self-contained books I’ve written. It foreshadows the GT books and sets up Homecoming Games (the new one I’m working one) but in actuality, its one of the more philosophical books I’ve written. Lots of action, but it’s definitely thinking book. Lots of chess pieces moving about. I’m… really proud of it.

  • ready4more

    Jane, The peonies are GORGEOUS. I really love both peonies and iris but Arizona just doesn’t get cool and wet enough over the winter for them to survive. Had to chuckle about the dragon in slides 3 and 8… I found a three-headed dragon in blue at the same place and I intend to get another one if I can find purple or green…. :heart:

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