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Yes! a new ShuShi Show!

We just got back from AKON … which means the kittehs had their first true road trip! And they were little champs. In the car, Shu was either shupervising or snoring under one of the seats. Seishi surprised us by choosing to watch the world go by while snoozing on my pillow! So: Roadtrip!

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  • miss_rockett

    The pictures are adorable! Traveling with cats is always interesting. I’m so glad I got to meet everyone at AKON! I’ve been enjoying reading the books that I bought. 🙂 – Janelle

    • Hi, lady!

      We had, overall, a great time! Very glad we went. The boys were terrific. We’d taken them on shorter trips, but this was their first with-hotels trip, and they were perfect gents. We travel with Feliway, which we spritz in the corners and places where previous pets might have marked, but I’m not sure we really even needed that.

  • Oh Wow! This is so amazing to see in pictures. Anyone who has ever even tried to take a kitteh on a short trip in the car knows just how frightening it is for everybody involved. Do you guys have the radio on? (Just curious.)

    • I’ve actually had really good luck traveling with cats. One trick: make sure most trips don’t end at the vet! Another, make a longer trip…out to the country or on cross-country freeway. Anywhere the visual input is minimized. Then, it’s just interesting smells and the white-noise rumble and vibration of the engine.

      Oh…that’s a painful question. We didn’t have radio or CD…until we hit a stretch on the last day where we were falling asleep. Then…we turned on Road to Eldorado…and screeched along with it…to the terror of our two boys. We felt soooo bad. (shame) I think one of the things that we do is read aloud, which gives them the nice drone of a familiar voice. When it was just Elrond and me or Efanor and me, CDs were definitely part. Efanor and I listened to Disney’s Tarzan most of the way up from OKC. Efanor hid in the Spokane apartment…until I put the movie on. Then he waltzed out, completely reassured.

  • WOL

    What kind of harnesses are those? – I just love Seishi’s little round face. He seems rather blase about the whole thing. Shu seems more mobile in the car, which may indicate he feels comfortable there.

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    Every single pic is adorable. I love how Shu rode shotgun!

    • chondrite

      And when SeiShi was in CJ’s lap, utter contentment. You can practically hear the purring.

      • ShiShi is getting sooooo lovey, even with me…but he lo-huvs his mama CJ! I’m hoping when Shu gets older the cuddly will rub off on him! 😀 Right now, he’s just got too much energy to stay still very long, unless he’s snoozing with Seishi. What no picture can capture is how SOFT Shi is. Never felt anything like it.

  • They’re both very much at ease. We thought at first that Shu was going under the seats because he was hiding, but have decided it’s more because it’s cool under there. He seems perfectly at ease. Seishi surprised us. He loved to sit up on that pillow and stare out the window. In parking lots, he was definitely a hit!

    We got the collars at petsmart, but they don’t seem to have them online. Here’s an online source: http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=cat+harness&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=15966371554659813227&sa=X&ei=0HjVT4KHGqLo2QXOpPmQDw&ved=0CNMBEPICMAE

    My only problem with them is the clip is a bit hard to work and it right in their fuzzy armpit. I’m tempted to mod it a bit and get that more toward their back. If Shu’s feeling contrary about it, he curls up and makes it hard to snap. But it is cute, isn’t it? 😀 I have this notion of taking him for walks….

    • chondrite

      I don’t believe #8 was indifference; it looked more like the Head Butt of Approval/Reassurance!

      Since the boyz are habituated to the harnesses, you might be able to take them for walks. Our old lady cat, Snow, hated her harness with the passion of a thousand burning suns. We tried to take her out once on a leash with harness, and she immediately became Jello Cat, refusing to move until we took her back inside and removed the harness. The downstairs kitteh, SumoCat, was used to his and sat on the stoop with aplomb, until a foreign cat came into view. Then he did the dog-on-leash-with-strange-person-in-view: run out to extent of leash, declaring his affront.

  • Oh my. That really made me laugh! The facial expressions are perfect!

    I want one of those strollers for pets. I think that would be so much fun with the boys!

    • I’ve decided that range of expression is what is so photogenic about Shu. The only mediocre pics he takes are the ones where he’s flashing out of the frame. These are all the pics I have of him from that day with virtually no editing other than cropping…oh, the one under the seat was actually from a different day, but creative editing for the purpose of story…

      Shu and Shi went flat when we first put on the harnesses, but soon were up and chasing around in them. My only concern is that Shu can slip out of his if he backs up…which simply means don’t try to haul him with it. It will have to be slow…and I’ll probably just take him out in the backyard to roll and smell the flowers. We have too many cars around to make it safe.

      Strollers for pets?

  • mitha

    Welcome home!

    Our Pumpkin loved to sleep in the back window of our (now antique) sedan, the Late Great Grey Mouser would try to catch the windshield wipers and was offended by trucks – he was sure they were hissing at him – and the two we have now have been accustomed to our RV since they were tiny, so it’s just another human place to them.

    Your two look like great travelers and real sweethearts.

    • That’s really the way to start…when they’re little. We did that with Shu, tho we didn’t travel as much as I’d like with him. It helped Seishi that when we picked him up, Shu was calm as a cucumber and spent the 400 mile trip staring at Seishi through door of Seishi’s cage. We’ve taken a couple of longer trips with them since. They took the 13 hour days on the road in stride…then raced around the hotel room! 😀

  • So glad to see Shu and Sei so happy. Hahaha, the expressions are priceless.

    That looks like a head butt to me, approval and reassurance.

    My two still dislike carriers and car trips, because usually it’s somewhere they don’t want to go, except for the trip back home, hah.

    Great entertainment around here lately, as the cats have watched the hew-mon’s antics with gardening. Alas, no pictures just yet. Soon, though, if not of the felines.

    • How’s your garden? Ours is ecstatic this year, thanks to the wet weather.

      • We don’t have the drought this year that we did last year, so although my garden (and lawn and flowerbeds) could use more rain, it isn’t too bad.

        I’m still brand new at gardening, so it’s an adventure. The latest was staking the tomato plants. But it looks like the poor, battered main plant is hardier than I’d thought. Good thing, too. — I have actual tomatoes growing! Quite happy about it. The scent of the tomatoes is really cheerful.

        The basil is doing great, I’ll be able to use some for cooking next time I want it. This smells so fantastic and looks so good.

        The marigolds (decoration and bug defense) are happy too.

        The green onions…no such luck.

        I’ll try a couple more veggies next year. I’d like to do at least onions and bell peppers, and try again for shallots (green onions). Possibly jalapeños too.

        I have more aloe vera than I know what to do with.

        The flowering vine, very pretty, from the previous homeowner, made it through our one cold snap and extended drought after all. It started coming out about three weeks ago, and so I’m babying it back to the trellis it used to cover.

        This has become a real source of satisfaction. I *miss* getting out in nature, badly miss it. This lets me do that a little and gives time to think and relax. I don’t know enough, so I’m looking at it as a grand science experiment, which has taken off the stress. I’m very happy the tomatoes flowered and now have small green-white baby tomatoes. However many weeks more, and I’ll have ripe, homegrown tomatoes for meals.

        This past week, I got some chocolate mint plants, and they are in a container and doing very nicely. This bodes well for tea and other cooking later. Besides, they’re very nice by the flowerbed.

        The cats have been amazed at all the goings-on, and thankfully they’ve learned that the yard and back inside the house are Good Things, and getting inadvertently Locked Out of Paradise (the house) is a very Bad Thing. They get out in the yard with me just long enough to satisfy their itch. They like it indoors.

        Oh — and I suspect Eushu will discover his cuddly lap cat side. Smokey is now about 2.5 (so quick!) and he has discovered he likes to schmooze and sometimes settle down with me at the desk. The attitude of, “Oh, heaven, the hew-mon loves me!” is priceless. He is still his ever-curious self, into everything, helping with whatever is around. He’s a real source of joy.

        Goober, now over 5.5, is still Mr. Least Assertive Cat In The Universe, a gentleman, with a sense of humor I don’t get to see enough lately. The two seem to be working out a détente, because Smokey pesters him and Goober gets exasperated, but never truly swats him down. But as they go, they seem to be easing out of that…or maybe this is just a temporary lull, heh. They both have good sense, and despite a little rivalry, they love each other. Some weeks back, Smokey snuck outside when I wasn’t looking (into the back yard). Some minutes later, I heard frantic pawing and meowing from Goober. “What on earth?” When I got in the kitchen, then I heard Smokey outside meowing. Open door, in darts cat. Much, much praise to Goober, and treats, telling him what a fine cat he was to be so good, and praise to Smokey to reassure him all was well and right with his world. So I know there’s a real bond there, and that they’ll look out for each other and warn me, in an emergency.

  • Isharell

    Adorable! And so well behaved… I’m quite envious. That pic of Sei on the pillow reminds me of my mom’s dog, Gimli. He has a little round face too, and likes to perch in out of the way places.
    Speaking of music with animals in the car, my dog Remy settles right down when we play the Mama Mia movie soundtrack. It’s like magic; there he is scratching around and panting in his little crate – I put that on and he lays down and is quiet as a mouse. Nothing else works like it. Wierd. 😉

  • What kind of dog is Gimli?

    Re: animals and music. Definitely! My horse, Venus, loved music. She’d always have more cadence when there was music playing in the arena.

  • Isharell

    Gimli is a Maltese. His breeder said he was like a dwarf compared to his cousins, because he is short-legged and stocky (their dogs are usually very long-legged and graceful), so naturally he had to have a dwarf name. He has a short nose, too, and just something in that pic of Sei reminds me of him.
    My dog Remy is also a Maltese, and is Gimli’s cousin.
    I have got to get around to setting up an avatar for myself (I sure don’t like this one lol)…I’ll have to see if I have any pics of the boys.

  • bakayaro onna

    Guess who? <3

    It was AWESOME meeting you face-to-face while at A-Kon!

  • bakayaro onna

    FenCon is relatively close so we should be able to pop over for a chat and perhaps go for a meal somewhere close to the hotel. I will have to check where FenCon is this year and scope the surrounding area. If it’s where I think it is, the variety of cheap and expensive eats are legion.

    And we can talk about stuff like cats and not work! LOL!

  • chondrite

    The other night we had the return of the snowshoe Siamese kittyboy, Senor Don Gato Zorro (although whether that remains his name, remains to be seen.) He was cutting across the back lanai until I rattled the container with the Cat Chow in it, whereby he stopped in his tracks, devoured 2 helpings, and remained for many ecstatic headbutting and scratchings both by DH and myself. Remarkably, DH wondered if it was time for another cat, while I remained noncommittal. We’ll see if El Zorro returns frequently or just comes by every couple of weeks before deciding anything further. He seems to have siblings of about the same age; I’ve been arbitrarily calling them after the Ghostbusters, Venkman, Egon, and Ray. They also randomly appear in the back yard.

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