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Shu's new Anti-Meatloaf Device

I apologize for the quality. My camera doesn’t do very good video to begin with, and it was running out of juice. But there’s only one first time, so this is as good as we’ve got! Still…pretty cute!

11 comments to Shu’s new Anti-Meatloaf Device

  • If they both get on, they can prepare for the jump to lightspeed in five, four, three, two, one….

    Anti-meatloaf device. Heh, indeed.

    Young master Smokey is now 2 plus a few months. So far, he has not really gained weight and works it all off. He’s small, a little guy, because of that early street life before I got him. Compact, muscular, chunky little athlete. Self-confident little so-and-so, usually, because he got a good home and a hew-mon and cat buddy who love him despite occasional brat behavior.

    But young sir is always greedy about the food. His food, Goober’s food, *my* food, whenever the grabby little guy thinks he can. (Goober doesn’t help, he *will not* swat Smokey down, and at this point, I think Goober is constitutionally unwilling to do so.) Young sir is always eager for the food bowl.

    So yes, when his metabolism does start to slow (mellow) into more mature cat years (soon now) an “anti-meatloaf device” of some sort will be in order. — They both like doing things, and Smokey always wants to be in on whatever the action is, helping, in the middle of it.

    Wish I’d had fresh batteries in my camera and had it handy the other day. I had gotten a large, tight-sealed (bug-proof) container to hold their dry food. Had it a few weeks now. Went unnoticed, ho-hum. The other day, I had it open to dish out dry food. Young mister Smokey discovered this great wonder. Oooh! Aaaah! Miracle to behold! Hahaha, head, and very nearly body, craned in to inspect this marvel, tail out to balance gracefully, every line and curve telegraphing: “I have found it! Manna from heaven! Here, right within my grasp! Oooh! Aaaah!” Hahaha, it’s a wonder he didn’t fall in. :: smirk :: Hasn’t shown such excitement since. Goober did not notice and investigate with him. So…there could be pictures at some future point!

    Och, Cap’n, she cannae take it any more! Warp 9.9 is as much as she’s got! Me puir wee bairns!

    If Shu and Sei spin fast enough, do you think they’ll find all the missing socks?


    Wherever Pride of Chanur and Legacy have been kiting off to of late?

    One trusts Shu and Sei are expert at Jump and can guide the ship back in safely, rather than winding up who-knows-where with the house, humans, and koi in tow. Then again, that could be interesting….

    Warp speed aye, Mr. Eushu, engage, Mr. Seishi!

    • I do NOT know why Shu has his round tummy. Yeah…he put it on when he obtained access to the fish food, but he’s been on restrained rations for months now…he’s had a growth spurt…and he blasts at Warp 5000 around this house on a daily basis. You do NOT want to be in the way when he hits the couch on a flying dive for the top level of the cat tree! But tummy he has. Heavy (dense) he is. And I’m worried for his fairly like bones if he doesn’t get rid of all excess.

      As for the human exercise machine…I’ve done things like that, and he durned near kills me. This is not a cat who politely scampers after things. He makes full body rolling attacks! And when that’s your ankle…look out!

      I’m hoping the early interest will translate to regular usage. He’s been getting a bit lazy in his chase-the-toy games…because of the tummy. I’d like to get him back to his liveier self.

  • WOL

    Great for the kittehs, but does not treat couch potato syndrome in humans. Something else to try: A length of cotton rope long enough to tie around your waist and leave about 2 feet of rope to drag along the floor. Tie a knot in the end that drags, and add a jingle bell or feathers or both as desired. Tie the other end of the rope around your waist, and go on about your housework. Works great with putting up folded laundry, emptying wastebaskets, changing beds, or any other activity that moves you around the house, particularly from room to room. Great for ambushing. Gets both you and the kittehs up and moving. Also guaranteed to get you funny looks from the cable guy, the plumber, etc.

  • As SOON as I get ‘NetWalkers done, I’m for some major exercise. It’s just that this poor book has been backburnered so many time since I started it…everything else always takes precedence. I’m determined to finish this edit and get it out there!

  • This reader has a long backlog of To Read and Was In the Middle Somewhere reading, but ‘Netwalkers will happily go in there and get read somewhere in the shuffle as I gain on it. Starting to get back into the groove, reading.

    Hah, both my cats have to “help” when I make the bed. It takes two to three times as long to actually make said bed, but they enjoy it too much, and it’s harmless fun for all. Smokey has to “help” me do laundry, sorting for the wash, folding after. 🙂

    Currently, there are several cat toys (toy mice/squirrels/chipmunks/moles and toy balls) the gruesome twosome have cached in hidey-holes somewhere throughout the house. I haven’t fished them out or brought out new ones quite yet, but periodically, the guys trot one out themselves. 😆

  • kokipy

    Ours keep their youthful appearance by running up and down four flights of steps thousands of times a day (basement to main floor to bedroom floor to attic). The old lady and the little black kitty don’t quite get their full fair share of the food, I think, but the grey cat Misty (aka Buster aka Alexander the Great), although a big guy, doesn’t seem to be overweight. In addition to the stairs, he chases birds and squirrels all day, from the inside of the house, running from window to window, chirping at them.

  • My thoughts were ‘Oh yeah, treats to get on the wheel. That’s going to help!’

    Then, watching him, ‘What kind of evil human device is this! No matter how fast I walk, the treat never gets closer!’

    Pretty cute. I wish I could believe the boys (Zaphod and Edmond) would go for such a thing. They’re pudgy fur balls!

  • Seishi’s not the least bit interested. Shu truly just waltzed onto it as you see in the vid. He currently gets on by himself now and will make it go a couple of rounds, then hop off. I think there’s a timing element involved and also just exploring possibilities. CJC had the good idea of using a laser toy, which he can’t get (when he goes after a regular toy, he stops scrambling, and of course the wheel keeps rocking and to keep his balance, he stops moving.) The light can’t be felt/caught, so he just keeps moving.

    It’s 7:30 AM and the boys have come to solicit breakfast. Shu got up and took a few paces…staring a me all the while, then stepped off and looked mournfully at the rocking wheel. Seishi came to sit at me elbow and give me Big Kitteh eyes…guess I’d better go feed them before the terrorism begins!

  • bakayaro onna

    SMOOCHIES! :heart:

    • Oh, yeah. YuShu came by his idiosyncracies legitimately! Mostly he was based on Efanor and Elrond, but Shu is definitely living up to his namesake! He’s only a year old and his name is spelled Eushu only cuz I always have E-kitties. No reason except to make choosing names easier! 😀 😀 😀 Anything to limit my choices.

  • bakayaro onna

    It makes me smile you have a Shu! I recognize that wheel! We recently watched an episode of “My Cat from Hell” and one of the ways a Bengal mix’s aggressiveness was diminished was getting him to walk on the wheel. He just needed lots of exercising, walking more blocks (he was already leash-trained) and more playing with the person he kept attacking (going for the throat).

    The cat I brought in my Gravi universe is based mostly on my dear cat angel Tiger and dabs of many other cats I have lived with before I discovered I was allergic. Luckily I can still pet them if I go wash my hands with soap and water immediately after pets. rat ‘encouraged’ a stray to hang around (with lunch meat) quite a few years ago so while she is still skittish and runs at the oddest times, she also demands head scrubs (jumping up into my hand with her head and drooling) and scream-meows from across the courtyard when we get home in the evenings if she missed breakfast. I refuse to feed her but she has a specific trilling meow she uses when she asks me to brush her. I do sometimes give her tuna water but that’s a rare treat. I try to keep food associated with rat, not me. She even brought us a dead rat to our front door once! Good Kitty!

    Dash-cat has been an interesting wee beastie to have around, especially since she does not come in. And yes, she is fixed. Feral Friends trapped her and her sister when they were young, fixed them and brought them back to their territory. We used to have her sister hanging around, too, but when the dog moved in on the end apt, Dot-cat went across the parking lot to another complex and still lives in the courtyard there.

    Names come from: the cat dashing away and the cat who is a dot on the horizon after running.

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