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Garden Angels 2012

Once again, God hasn’t been the least bit mysterious. The darling folks from the Methodist Church flocked over and worked more magic on our front yard. We must have had 15 or 20 people here! I didn’t get any good pix of the whole crew, darnit! They were moving so fast, I couldn’t catch them. […]


Our beautiful, desperately in need of a haircut, hawthorne.

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Tree Peonies

The long overdue slideshow. You wants peonies, we gots peonies! And this is just the beginning. We’ve got two tree peonies we just put in last year which might not flower but are doing well (just realized no pix of those) and at least six regular peony … shrubs? just waiting to burst.

May 21st, 2012 | Category: Garden SS, The Pond | 13 comments

'NetWalkers is almost here!

And I have the covers to prove it!

‘NetWalkers is the long overdue prequel to GroundTies, et al. Brand new and contains all the background to what’s really going on! It’s what necessitated a complete rewrite of the original series. I’ve waited over ten years to get this one out…I wrote it as a single […]

Blank Acid Free Bookplates (labels)...FOUND!


Acid free paper and paste! I have some on order. When we get them in, we’ll offer a variety of designs! YAYAYAYAY

For those looking to personalize a library…they’re a great deal.

Hmmm…on that note…would any of you be interested in designs you could download all formatted for these sheets (they’re standard avery sizes […]

Biochemical Beauty

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Shu's new Anti-Meatloaf Device

I apologize for the quality. My camera doesn’t do very good video to begin with, and it was running out of juice. But there’s only one first time, so this is as good as we’ve got! Still…pretty cute!

I’m speechless

I was up on mobileread trying to figure how to hack my kindle screensaver when I came across this article.


Books going to public domain 25 years after publication? whether or not the author is dead? What are these people thinking?

This notion that fully developed ideas are no different than the seeds of […]

For the Pony Lovers!

Three amazing videos:

Vanye’s Heaven:

Sergei’s Baby:

Serious Hair Alert:

Have fun!