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Derek strikes again...

That guy can choreograph a passo!!!!! This has been such a good season.

Sorry to have been so boring here, folks, but my life’s been a bit boring. It’s not that I’m not having, like, deep insightful thoughts, but every time I start to put together a meaningful post, it starts getting all long and […]

Adding a page

I really want to do the pic of the day, thing, but it didn’t really work combining it with my regular blog, so I’ve given it a page of its own. We’ll see now if I can keep it up. The first is pretty fuzzy, but it was just too cute not to put up.


Garden of Cosmic Speculation

This is so incredibly cool. I want to go! It’s a long video, but the singularity/black hole plaza is sooooo cool! I love the idea of coming out in the white hole to eat dinner…I wonder how many gardeners he employs to keep it up….

For more info: Charles Jencks website

google images

And […]

Big News!!!!

Lynn’s got her Time books up on Closed Circle! She snuck them out on us while we were at the Mariner’s Game! (They lost…sob)

This is a great series, folks. Contemporary fantasy, Abbey style. Emma’s a feisty, charming heroine with some unusual family members and one heck of a cool, peacock-befeathered problem. You’ll love them. […]


The joys of book conversions continue. Problems with Mobi files (so what else is new?) But between the two of us, Lynn and I have figured it out. (We hope) We’re trying to get a procedure so we aren’t having to use several different programs to make the conversions. Mobi Creator had its limitations, but […]

Pond is running!

We had a lovely day yesterday amidst day after day of rain or semi-snow, and drained it down enough to get the pump in and start it up. Easiest opening we’ve had! While the level was down, we did some algae-weeding, which should help a lot. But fishies are up and about, so needed to […]