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HG moving along…

Tho actually there was a bit of a backslide in actual word count. I’d gotten up to 40,000…which I read to Carolyn…only to realize there was a whole section of dinner that just didn’t need to be there, so I zapped it . . . which set it back to 38,000, but that’s okay, since it helped me get another section moving. That’s the funny thing about word count. Sometimes you can write a lot in a day and gain nothing obvious, and another day you can do nothing but edit, but because you know so much more than you did when you originally wrote the scene…you gain 5000 words without ever moving the actual plot along by a minute of story time! That’s what I call writing from the inside out. :whistle:

Anyway…going to start a new tradition (maybe…we’ll see how long it lasts…)

ShuShi pic of the day!

March 30, 2012

7 comments to HG moving along…

  • The word count’s moving along, even with ups and downs.

    That’s two *very* contented cats. Seishi is blissed out. Eushu is happy and looking out for his buddy.

  • I don’t know if you can tell, but Shu has his chin resting, quite heavily, on Shi’s head. ๐Ÿ˜†

    Hardest part about writing right now is the lure of Cajeiri’s birthday party on my Kindle! I know it’s in this book and I can’t wait to read it. But I needed to fight through a section today, so C will have to wait till tomorrow…but wait, that’s Tax day. Sigh….

    Why can’t we just have a straight percentage income tax!?! WAH!

  • Greenwyvern

    But how could billionaires and large corporations avoid paying taxes if there was a straight percentage? ๐Ÿ™‚

    They need a complex system, so that it can have loopholes. They’ve bought the US Congress, and they expect something for their money.

    30 Major U.S. Corporations Paid More to Lobby Congress Than Income Taxes, 2008-2010

  • Greenwyvern

    You may also be interested in this:

    Sometime last year computers at the U.S. Social Security Administration were hacked and the identities of millions of Americans were compromised. What, you didnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt hear about that? Nobody did. The extent of damage is only just now coming to light in the form of millions of false 2011 income tax returns filed in the names of people currently receiving Social Security benefits.

  • Interesting, indeed…if true…and I’ll definitely be watching this. Thanks for the link.

    OTOH, forgive me…I’ve taken the active link to the cringely article out. Not to prevent people from going there, (they can cut and paste) but because I’d prefer not to be actively linked to an as yet unsubstantiated rumor. Whistle blowers are great, but yelling fire in a theater’s still dangerous. I might feel differently had he presented better evidence. The Wall Street Journal article he references is interesting but in no way applicable to his claims.

    OTOH, even if it’s exaggerated, it’s a wonder to me (has been since electronic transfers first started) that any electronic funds transfer program that doesn’t automatically track how many transfers are made to a given account, in what denominations, etc and have alarm bells built in. I mean, skimming pennies off billions of transactions should raise a flag, sending income tax refunds for more than one SSN to the same account…duh. Instead of ferreting out some individual who paid late one year, why don’t they have flags for this kind of thing? …assuming, of course, that they don’t.

    The WSJ article references interception of actual checks and bribes to mail carriers to intercept said checks, which is a different matter.

  • I’m glad you’re writing again! I’ve been swamped at work with half my unit deployed and literally doing the job of 4 people, I’ve been slack keeping up with your changes. I like the name of the new blog a lot!

    • Whoa! Thanks. It’s a lot more appropriate. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it in the first place! ๐Ÿ˜€ If you figure out the cloning thing so we can BE 4 people…let me know, will you? ๐Ÿ˜€

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