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Guess what I'm reading


And lest you think we lied…yes, we did bribe…er…bless our precious bannik!

Blessing the Bannik

9 comments to Guess what I’m reading

  • WOL

    Better safe than sorry! With the long drawn out revamp and all the problems, delays, etc., there was obviously some sort of bad juju in effect. Hopefully, your mojo is up and running now (touch wood!).
    (8>) :biggrin:

  • Note…I’m up to 35000 words on Homecoming Games! And I just landed Wes in some serious trouble. Bwahahaha. I’m back to my “work on something new in the AM and CC conversions/editing in the afternoon.” Got away from that for a while.

    My new laptop arrived and it’s fabulous. Love the keyboard. The previous one was really getting unreliable and this one has a great touch to boot. Very “clear” feel to the keys and depression. And fast. OMG. They aren’t kidding when they say instant on. I’ve gotten all my programs up and their special settings off the old laptop, so I’m about ready to wipe the disk and sent if off to the doctor.

    Only downside to the new machine is the function keys. They’ve made the oddwad stuff like wifi on/off, screen brightness and sound volume as the DEFAULTS on the keys. Talk about dumb….

    • Re function keys : Was the same on my PC, but there was a way to switch back to a more “workable” configuration.

      Mine is a Dell (the same for you ?)

      Got it a saner way by following these instructions : http://maniish.wordpress.com/2010/03/05/dell-laptop-fn-function-key-problem-resolved/

      Just go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Adjust commonly used mobility settings -> Fn Key Behavior

      Change it to “Function key”

      Hope it works for you !

      • Unfortunately, it didn’t. I have an HP and that screen is about half-gone with the comment “modified by HP”, or some such. It has only screen brightness and volume controls…on the windows mobility center…go figure. I can’t see where the actual mobility controls have been spirited away to. They seem to have hardwired the keyboard this way, but I’m getting on OK with it, so I’m not worried.

  • Ack! I hardly ever drink, but somehow my first reaction was, “pouring good vodka down the drain?!”

    LOL, but as CJ has said how well you both are doing creatively, and how this is related to a bannik, well, I suppose if the bannik’s happy, good for the bannik and you two too. (Hmm, practically, I suppose the vodka would help clean the pipes besides.)

    I could use some inspiration too. Maybe that’s the problem. I hardly keep or use anything. I need to get tequila and margarita mix, and some wine, but lol, they’ll wind up “well aged” when I use them.

    — I posted over at CJ’s blog, then realized you might like to read that too. — I think I’ll start checking here, then there, so I give equal time.

  • chondrite

    Is the bannik also in charge of keeping the bath functional? If so, you have a two-fer! and may your tub drain never get involuntarily plugged. 😆

  • kokipy

    I like seeing your progress bars 🙂 how often do you libate that bannik? early and often would be my recommendation/request. 🙂

    • Which reminds me, I need to update them!

      Heh heh…just the once, but he seems quite happy. I’ve got to concentrate right now on the next Foreigner book and Yvgenie, but I try to touch base with it for a couple of hours in the AM.

      I figure this is the same bannik that used to inhabit my upstairs bathroom when I first moved down to OKC. We redid that bath (its cement shower was falling through the ceiling…) and he showed up just in time to help me write GT. I think he’s happy I’m back with my little Russian boy. 😆

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    I agree with Kokipy: libate early and often!

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