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I don’t know what I do…

to laptops…but I seem to have killed another.

Blue screens…two just today. Says hardware error, but of course NOTHING to indicate what hardware. I’ve checked all my drivers…all UTD.

If I had to guess, I’d say keyboard/touchpad since that interface has been getting a bit wonky. I thought it was just, like, crumbs under the keyboard, OTOH, I’m almost always playing solitaire when it goes out and the keys on the touchpad are a mess…just overuse…so maybe I should just try replacing it…glug…meantime, backup backupbackup

6 comments to I don’t know what I do…

  • avt

    You can get a pretty decent laptop for $250-$400 these days, probably better than what you had.

  • Several months ago my MacBook started acting with a mind of its own….skipping all over the place…..I was expecting disaster….turned out it was the battery…..they get fat if they don’t get used enough and run down often enough…..which leads to all sorts of problems. A new battery is not cheap….but better than replacing the whole thing.

  • chondrite

    Aieee! As soon as you get one problem whopped, another comes along! It tasks you, it does… I fervently wish for your lives to be, well, ‘less interesting’ for a while so you can get back in da writing groove.

    We have a 3 terabyte independent backup drive for our household network and have installed Acronis for all associated computers. With luck, that should cover our collective okoles in case of catastrophe.

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    Has Shu been lurking around your laptop recently? Just a thought…. :tongue:

    • Always. He loves it. One of the series of pix I should get up is him expanding across the keyboard. I’ll put the computer down with the lid up and there he is, sprawled across it. And, yes, a fuzzy little fat-butt on the keyboard is not ideal. 😆

      But I don’t think that’s the problem. Talking with Joe pretty much confirmed my fears. The USB connections have been iffy and getting worse, the wireless takes forever to connect when I boot up, and these increasingly frequent “hardware failure” blue screens are exceedingly ominous. I got a couple between Oct and Dec, then in the last month, about one a week. Got two yesterday, which is why I was pretty frantically trying to get hold of HP last night.

  • Today, of course, the silly machine is running like a top. Sigh. I think it knows I plan to rip its guts out! Bwahahaha!

    Screen is still beautiful. Bright, but beautiful.

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