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Another pic of the day!

Didn’t get the taxes done…but I’m up to 43,710 words!

HG moving along…

Tho actually there was a bit of a backslide in actual word count. I’d gotten up to 40,000…which I read to Carolyn…only to realize there was a whole section of dinner that just didn’t need to be there, so I zapped it . . . which set it back to 38,000, but that’s okay, since […]

Just a little ShuShi fix!

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Bleach comes to its final episode.

Bleach is one of the handful of anime we love around here. Like Naruto, it’s wildly popular. I suppose in part because of that, we were a bit slow to even try it, but once we did, we were hooked. We love the characters, the look and just the general sense of […]

Guess what I'm reading


And lest you think we lied…yes, we did bribe…er…bless our precious bannik!

It's Official!

Thanks to Lynn! We’re now Harmonies of the ‘Net. But not to worry, Lynn’s got a slick redirect so even if you use the old bookmark, it’ll still work! YAY!

I am remiss! I’m so excited about HotN that I forgot to mention the Lynn’s no longer blogging at “blog” but at the wondrous face_of_chaos_blog! […]

New Page!

Oh, what a fun day! I just put together a page of Shu’s slideshows. Check out the page “Shu Shows”

Amazing 911 Story: Wait for the final statistic

I never heard about this. Likely many of you have, but it’s an amazing story. Thanks to my cousin Connie for sending me the link.

going back to square one

But I’m doing it live, so don’t worry about how weird the site looks. I’m so flummoxed…out of nowhere, this site has developed a persistent white background. I’m trying to get rid of it, so please, just bear with.

Working on a new look

Hope you all like it. I’m trying to get us all over onto the same theme (Atahualpa). Makes it easier to keep up with.

You’ll notice a weird glitch in the header banners when the page first loads. I know about this. I’m trying to get the title to just overlay the image. There’s something […]