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Bathroom: the slideshow

Here ’tis. I think Carolyn’s kept you all up on the details.

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The little piece in the tub was actually one I added. It’s so small, the tiling guy just assumed we’d fill it in with grout, […]

The new CC site is migrated and ready for testing

The new closed circle website is up and running and ready to have its links tested. We’re now just http://www.closed-circle.net/

Known issues:

the Physical books page images need to be reconstituted.

The help files are still kind of crazy. We’ll try to make them more “helpful.”

You’ll see a new cover for most […]

Please note the sidebar:

20,000 words now on ‘NetWalkers: Homecoming Games! YAYAYAYAYAY

The widget for the edits for ‘NetWalkers is all wrong, too. I’m designing it so it can be split for Amazon. It’s got a natural split almost exactly at the middle, so I’m gonna do it.

I’m also going to shoot for 100,000 to 120,000 for HG […]

It ain’t done…

But CC’s new look is taking shape and we’re over on the new theme, so you can see the general look of things to come. It occurs to me what I didn’t do was switch over to the new splash page…but I think we’re going to eliminate that anyway…When we switch over to “Closed Circle” […]

My daily schedule...

0500: Shower in our beeeooootiful bathroom. Work on Homecoming Games (Yes, Virginia, new words are happening!).

0800: Feed cats.

0815: Eat breakfast hand delivered by BNA. (woohoo!)

Play three games of solitaire and get back to HG.

1200: Eat lunch hand delivered by BNA.

1300: Put HG to bed for the day and start working […]

Back on CC

at last! and we decided to just do it live. So’s iffen ya goes thar an’ it looks kinda screwy…don’t worry about it…at least until we say we think we’re done. Then you can use our new “send us a message” form and let us know! Or…if you want a new download of a purchase…you […]

leak check….


Mural grouted—check.

Paint touchups—check.

Towel bars, shelves—check.

TP dispenser leveled—check.

Curtain hung—check.

Hey…we’re almost done!

We now have a working sink, a working shower…I can get back to my real work!

We’ve still got a few things to finish up…most significantly the edge of the counter and the quarter-round baseboard, which will be pretty […]

Three overpaid plumbers…0…

Two old ladies willing to think outside the box…HOME RUN!

At least we think. We can’t actually do a pressure test until tomorrow, but (knock on wood) I think we got our tub problem solved. The big hangup was the fact that the tub’s “waste” plumbing was right over the joist. The builder cut a […]

I didn't really intend...

to replumb the tub today, but…

It started out pleasantly enough….a soaky bath in the tub admiring the tile and the pretty lights trying to warm up sore joints to tackle some of the little things…like putting up towel racks. I turned the thingamajig on the overflow that’s supposed to life the plug…and it came […]

I’ve always wanted to try grouting…

I’m now officially cured of this insane desire.

Our lads who were doing our tiling did a fantastic job…and took way longer than they anticipated when they gave us the quote, thanks to our changed design, so I said blythely… why don’t you just leave the grouting to us. I mean…how hard can it be? […]