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We have floor!

Whew. The glue took forever to cure…I think the cool coming up from the basement slowed it up…but the floor is down and Carolyn’s bright idea of putting an outlet up for use on the sophet/shelf has been realized complete with a switch down where we can get at it. thanks to that I’ve got […]

The undocumented hazards of extended…


1) Your hair turns into straw from the dust.

2) Your fingernails are ground down to the quick.

3) You begin to have very strange dreams about … lumps.

I thought I was done. The tile was gone and the wall repaired, electrical boxes were moved and expanded, the too-thick mudding around the tub […]

Christmas is coming down…

We were going to leave it up and enjoy it a couple of months, but that was before we started the bathroom. It’s just become too much visual chaos, with the stuff all over the bathroom and the bathroom stuff all over my bedroom, so…it’s comin’ down.

Between empty boxes and tissue paper, Shu is […]

New Years Res:

Never get the DP a key element of a renovation project for Christmas.

Will this bathroom never be done? :face:

Seriously, if you wonder why I’ve not been posting, it’s simple: I have no words. I’ve always had a problem with nouns…but they’ve all gone away. Case in point: I went in Monday to make […]