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We won!

And we didn’t have to go over our initial budget! Well…except for s/h.

You shoulda been there. Two old ladies, staring at the countdown….

Should I put in a higher max bid? Now, boss, now?

One minute, 59 sec, 58, 57….45…NOW! and right at the last three seconds, that sucker jumped up $20! But we […]

Anyone looking for a really pretty setabout?

OI! Update: Carolyn wants me to keep going til hell freezes over…so, NO Please don’t bid against me! WAH!

Check this out!


I’ve come to the conclusion that replacing a physically pristine treasure for one with working bells and whistles is a waste of our already limited funds. We’re […]

It’s turning out to be a piratical Christmas!

Pilferage and explosions…

Our Christmas this year was the tools we picked up at Lowe’s on the cheap on Black Friday…a table saw, a miter saw, and some other miscellany… Cheap ones (seriously) but something that would let us put up some molding and other little fixup type jobs. Well…I went out to the garage […]

Adrenaline junquies: revised

UPDATE: I realized this AM I set up a bit of a situation by putting two very different video links in one post without clearly identifying them. I put the initial link in as a simple link because the youtube embeddable one didn’t do it justice. However, searching for the original led me to a […]


this seems to be my week for videos…

Okay…so I’m editing Chernevog and someone says that someone else has the morals of a stoat. Now…I thought perhaps this was maligning a poor stoat, so I went hunting…and found this cool BBC footage of a stoat taking down a killer rabbit! Quite something.

And the footage […]

Oooo…as my mom used to say…

I’m bustin’ a gusset!

After retiring from United Airlines (at captain seniority #2!) my #2 (of 4) brother Ted took up a new career in musical theater. He always had a gorgeous voice (he used to mimic Mario Lanza so well you couldn’t tell the difference!) but once he began taking it seriously…look out! He’s […]

Oi…wotta day…

I got up way early, hoping to finish Chernevog edits…went to a site I’ve been to a million times before…and found out the hard way that Avast Antivirus does nothing for spyware. Don’t know how I’ve avoided them for twenty years, but I got zapped good this morning with a nasty little thing call Win7 […]

Now THIS is a flash mob I’d want to join!

Thanks soooo much to my dear friend Barb Akers for sending me the link!

Hey all you web-crawlers!


I’m on a search for blank acid-free peel and stick labels of a size appropriate for bookplates. I really want to make Closed Circle specific bookplates rather than used the purchased ones to sell on CC. I can find blank peel and stick sheets that they claim are for bookplates, but I don’t see […]